Imagine your dream car…what would it take?


Nat Giles writes: If you’ve been anywhere near me, you’ll know I’ve wanted a white Jeep Wrangler forever. I knew it was far-fetched, out of my price range and quite possibly never going to happen…

Guys I literally manifested a car!

A group of us did Deepak Chopra’s 30 day Abundance meditation and added Young Living’s Abundance oil to the mix. A month after finishing the challenge, my car broke down and the repairs came in at AUD $12,000, so a trade in and a new car were on the horizon. May I add this was on 21st December (ie. the busiest time of year).

I called in a favour of a friend of mine. Her son is a car salesman. I walked up to him and said, “Do you want to sell a car today? This is my budget….”

You’ll never guess what was available? It was a white Jeep!!! Admittedly it’s a Compass model not a Wrangler. But this girl got her white Jeep, and on 23rd of December I drove it home!

Please, I’m begging you – Use Abundance oil! I’ve had so many ‘things’ happen. For example, one time I had a whole day of appointments cancel on me. I went and put Abundance oil, and thought, “What will it take for my day to fill with well-paying clients?” Then a message comes in, and I’m busy again.

Now I’m applying Abundance oil and writing down every day, “I am a silver leader with Young Living”. I’ll let you know when it happens.

Abundance oil’s effects come in all shapes and sizes

The effects of Abundance oil are like us – they comes in all shapes and sizes. If we appreciate the small things, we also make way for the big things. Check out this beautiful story:

Shany Van Sande writes: Yesterday, I was looking at all the goodies from YL that I still want to try and thinking I might want a bit much for my monthly allowance. I shrugged that thought away, and figured I would find a way.

Next, I put Abundance oil around my wrist and neck (I do like the smell as a perfume, too).

This morning I went for a run in the park, which I haven’t done in a while, and I found a 10 euro note lying on the ground in the leaves!!!

What are the odds of me passing by and looking at that exact spot? Two runners were not that far ahead of me and could have easily noticed it and found it before I did).

Well, it is going down in my running app as my 10 € run, lol!!!


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