Introducing Raindrop Technique to our furry friends


When I first learned Raindrop Technique, I expected it was going to be just like any other type of massage, except with essential oils thrown in. But what I discovered was a technique that is so unique, so profound, that it’s truly a Master Technique. And by that I mean that it works on multiple levels, wherever it’s needed, and is able to balance body, mind and spirit.

Whenever I receive Raindrop Technique, to me it’s like receiving a giant energy pill. My body feels amaaaazzzzing after a session. I am so energized and clear-headed, I feel so relaxed and flexible in my body, yet I’m also so calm and centred and emotionally balanced.

This past couple of weeks, I’ve been giving Raindrop Technique to a 13 year old girl, and we’ve been measuring her height after each session. She’s grown 2 cm in height over 2 sessions (ie.1cm per session)!

This is incredible, and it shows how relaxed her muscles have been after receiving Raindrop Technique – muscles that were previously so tense and locked up that they were compressing her whole stature. Now she can stand once more at her natural height. Even her school friends have noticed a difference!

Introducing Raindrop Technique to our furry friends

Back in the early 2000’s after I’d been using Raindrop Technique in my private practice for a number of years and teaching it to others, I was approached by one of my friends to ask if I’d perform Raindrop Technique on her dog.

And there began my journey into using essential oils for animals, and specifically Raindrop Technique.

One of the very first people I ever taught Raindrop Technique to was my sister, Susan Marshall. And even though Susan is a gifted Raindrop Technique practitioner with her own home practice, she’s also an animal lover like me. And her previous work as a dressage instructor and a foster carer for dogs has brought her around many, many animals in need.

What started out as an interest for Susan soon became a life’s passion. Susan realised that there’s such a need out there for education about how to safely and effectively use essential oils on animals….and so she’s set about creating a Canine Raindrop Technique practitioner course, and also an Equine Raindrop Technique practitioner course.

This allows you to gain in-depth knowledge about how to perform one or both of these modalities in a practitioner setting, and gain insurance cover for it. So whether you want to use your skills on your own animals or support other animals in need, you will have the skills and confidence to do this. And of course you will learn a lot about animals and essential oils, including important safety applications.

So what can Raindrop Technique really do for animals?

Kylie Bryant shares her experiences of being present at a Raindrop Technique Demo day that Susan ran in Western Australia.

“I’ll never forget the workshop, it was just brilliant! There was a rodeo horse that Susan worked on first, named Maverick. He could never stand still – he was always agitated, always had to be moving. He’d previously tried a couple of times to ram his owner against the stable wall. When Susan began the Raindrop Technique, this horse just kept moving…

Susan had to be on her guard, because she could see that Maverick was quite agitated, moving its bum around as Susan worked on it. But the transformation was incredible. By the time she reached Marjoram (about two thirds of the way into the session), Maverick had calmed right down. He had an erection (as male horses tend to do when they relax), and he looked happy. And no wonder – Marjoram is renowned as a herb of happiness.

It was one of those incredible moments that you’ll never forget. When the rodeo guys came home after watching a boxing match, Maverick was calm and standing still. They said to Susan, “What have you done to this horse!” 

His demeanour and everything had completely changed from just one session, and the reports we received afterwards were that its calmness had continued.

On this same day in the afternoon, Susan did another Raindrop Technique demo. The horse she was meant to work on had just cut itself on a fence, so a Vet was called. Peace & Calming oil and some of the other calming oils had been used to settle the horse prior to the vet visit, and they had worked so well that the vet thought we’d sedated the horse! It was so calm, he was able to stitch it up without much help.

So that meant we had to use a different horse for the afternoon Raindrop Technique demonstration. Unbeknown to Susan, this horse “Chex” belonged to the owner’s late husband, and the Raindrop Technique demo was taking place on the anniversary of his death. Chex had loved his owner, but had never bonded well with his wife.

Susan had intuitively added some emotional oil blends in whilst she was doing the Raindrop Technique demo. One of the oils she’d felt strongly drawn to was Present Time. Susan even used the iTovi on Chex after the session, and wouldn’t you know it, it scanned to say he needed Present Time! It’s so powerful when we combine our intuition with the oils.

From that day of his first Raindrop Technique, Chex formed a truly unbreakable bond with his owner’s wife – they even started competing again with Barrell Racing!

You see, Chex had been living in the past, unable to move on from the grief of losing his beloved owner. Of course, his wife was going through her own grief, so it wasn’t just Chex who received the benefit of that session… they both did.”

How to learn Canine or Equine Raindrop Technique

Susan teaches online and in-person canine and equine “Recreational Raindrop Technique” courses, showing you how to use a simple version of Raindrop Technique for your own animal. Reach out to Susan at Animal Raindrop if you are interested in attending one of these courses.

The practitioner version of these courses takes you on a much deeper journey of understanding, so if you love learning and want to be the best that you can be when you are working on your own and other people’s animals, this would be the ideal course to attend. At present, it’s just being run as an in-person event. Make sure you book in asap as places are limited. If these dates or location don’t suit you, please contact us and we’ll add you to our VIP interested list for other locations. That way you’ll be given first option of a place in the course when new dates and locations are set.

What others have to say about Susan’s course

Fiona M. writes: “Yesterday I had the opportunity to learn from Susan Marshall how to perform the Canine Recreational Raindrop Technique on Mr Elmo. Susan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Young Living essential oils. She also has the biggest heart ever, as she helps so many rescue dogs and loves to help animals, just like I do.

Not only does Raindrop Technique help to keep your dog healthy – it is also a beautiful way to pamper your dog. 

It supports them emotionally, is great for competition dogs, and generally supports their health. It’s also exceptional for older dogs, to support their flexibility and mobility.

Raindrop Technique is a modality that combines Ancient Egyptian concepts, Ancient Tibetan reflexology (called VitaFlex), Native American energy principles, various massage techniques, and 9 of Young Living’s essential oils and blends. 

I have experienced this technique myself and I can tell you it truly feels amazing!!!

In the course, Susan shared with us how to use the oils safely, what are the benefits of Raindrop Technique on a dog, how Raindrop Technique came about, and then she slowly walked us through step by step how to apply each of the oils and how to perform the massage steps. 

Susan’s love and passion for helping animals is so heart-warming. She made us all feel so relaxed, knowing there is no wrong way of doing the technique.  

I loved seeing all the dogs just chill out and some even falling asleep whilst the Raindrop Technique was being given. One dog was out for the count right to the end, oh bless. 

It was interesting to see the dogs react to various oils. Mr. Elmo was very curious about Basil oil. He wanted to lick it off my hand! Then other oils he would just lay down and almost go to sleep. 

At the end of the session, Elmo went off into his bean bag, had a dig and then came back and lay down next to me and started to snore.  

It was truly the best course I have done for a long time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a dog. Thank you Susan for taking us through this amazing experience with our beloved dogs.”


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