Is it possible to have too much of a good thing…like oils, for example?


Do you love using the same oil, day in and day out?

I certainly have my favourite oils – I use Lime oil in my Red Drink every day. I do my 7 Oil Ritual each morning, using 7 of Young Living’s essential oil blends in a specific sequence. And most nights I’m using Awaken oil on my pillow to help me to sleep deeper and sounder. So yes, I have my favourite essential oils that I use on a regular basis.

But every now and then, I change around the oils that I use. And I always listen to my body. When it tells me it’s time for a change, that’s when I change.

But do we need to do that? Is it possible to desensitise to an essential oil? That’s the topic of this post.


The Power of Change

I still remember how Gary Young (the founder of Young Living) used to teach us to “mix things around”.

“Do the one combo of oils for 4 days,” Gary would say, “Then add something else into the mix.”

If you love Frankincense oil, use Frankincense each day…but sometimes, add Idaho Grand Fir in with it. Other times, add Lavender in with it. Other times, add Cedarwood or Sandalwood in with it, other times use it on its own.

By changing around the oils you use, your body is constantly “awake” to the benefits in the oils, and doesn’t desensitise to them.

It’s a bit like taking a new route to your destination. It keeps you alert. If you drive the same route day in and day out, you can switch to autopilot and miss some of the magic of the drive.

Four days is a generalisation. It’s what Gary was teaching in the very early years. I find that simply by listening to my body, I suddenly “feel” like changing to a different oil. It might even be 2 or 3 weeks after using the same oil, day in and day out, that I feel like a change.

Trust yourself and your inner nudges.

How do you know which oils to switch to?

If you’re new to essential oils, this might seem a bit daunting. You’ve just fallen in love with one oil, and now I’m saying that every now and then it’s good to shake things up and use a different oil (even just for a day or two or three).

How do you know which oil to switch to?

This is where the adventure comes in. We have so many beautiful essential oils in our mix. Make sure you reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living, and ask for their thoughts on some extra oils that would benefit you….or do your own research online. You’ll find some great tips and ideas in our past blogs.

Even Young Living’s essential oils Starter Bundle is a great starting place, not to mention being incredible value.

Start with your essential oils Starter Bundle 

Have you ever wondered why this starter bundle contains so many different oils that can be used for relaxation? We have Peace & Calming, Lavender, Stress Away and Orange oil. All of these are amazing oils to help us relax and to sleep.

This next fact is for our Australian market only, as it pertains to our Orange (Wellness) oil….Did you know that Orange oil has been traditionally used in aromatherapy to help us fall asleep quicker and easier, and it increases the amount of refreshing sleep we have? Wow!

And at Ireland’s Tullamore General Hospital1, a drop of Lavender oil was applied to the 4 corners of patients’ mattresses, and also diffused. 97% of patients slept well, which is a 34% improvement compared to when no Lavender oil was used.

Who can you think of that needs a better night’s sleep?

I know I treasure good, restful sleep. It’s what I use to power every day. If I’m sleep deprived, it takes so much more effort to be at my best physically or mentally. With a great night’s sleep, it’s easy!

So all four of these oils help with relaxation and sleep….but which one should you use?

The answer is simple! Use whichever one is calling out to you. Don’t overthink it. Trust your body to know when you need to take a pause from that one for a night, and switch to a different one.

Oils are our friends

The more you use the Young Living essential oils, the more they will become your best friends. And as with any best friends, you’ll get to know them. Not only will you get to know their benefits, but you’ll also get a “feel” for them on an energetic level.

It’s no different to our human friends. When you are in need, you know which friend you want to reach out to. One friend helps you to laugh, which helps to put all worries in their true perspective. Another friend gives amazing hugs, so when you need a shoulder to cry on, that’s the friend you want to reach out to.

It’s exactly the same with our oils. When we’re in need, there may be 4 or more different essential oils that we could use for that purpose. But which one is calling to you?

The more I’ve relaxed and begun treating my oils as friends, the more I know which oil I need to use. And sometimes it’s an oil that I would never have thought of with my logical mind….yet it’s always the perfect oil.

What if you could have more energy, alertness & stamina?  

In Young Living’s starter bundle we have oils like Lemon oil, Peppermint oil and Lavender oil, all of which have been studied for their ability to increase mental alertness. In fact, scientific research has revealed some amazing facts about essential oils. Here are the conclusions to these scientific studies:

Long drive ahead? 

Drivers who sniff Peppermint oil before their drive experience less frustration, less fatigue, and feel like their drive time is shorter2!

What if you could type faster and more accurately? 

Peppermint oil increases mental accuracy by a whopping 28%3. It also helps people stay focused on their task, even if it is repetitive4. In fact, it produces a:

  • 35% increase in typing speed, and a
  • 7% increase in typing accuracy4

What if you could concentrate so well, you made fewer errors? 

When Lemon oil is diffused in an office environment, it dramatically improves concentration and accuracy, resulting in 54% fewer errors5.

Would you love to support your child during exam time? 

When Lemon oil is diffused during exams, scores increase by up to 50%

Want to boost your fitness and workouts? 

Peppermint oil is also wonderful for giving us that energy boost to allow us to perform better physically, both in strength and stamina. Scientists put 2 drops of Peppermint oil under the noses of 20 male and 20 female athletes6. They ran the 400 metre dash faster, had stronger hand grip strength, and were able to do more push ups than without Peppermint oil. 

Horses don’t Lie

And how about Frankincense oil? Many years ago, I was giving Raindrop Technique to my sister’s horse “Mister”. For his first Raindrop Technique, I started with some Harmony oil on my hands, and I offered it to him to smell. He loved it, and breathed in soooooo deeply. I then began the Raindrop Technique, and he spent the whole session with his eyes half closed and in bliss land.

For his next Raindrop Technique, I offered him some Frankincense oil to smell before I started with the Raindrop Technique oils.

Frankincense oil had such a different effect on him compared to Harmony oil. Instead of being super chilled, he became super cheeky. He was playfully nipping at me, and behaving like a little boy who’s having a whole lot of fun.

The Frankincense oil woke him up (in the most delightful way). It’s also a wonderful oil for meditation.

Now that you know that many oils overlap in their impacts, I’m sure you will have a whole lot of fun exploring new and unique oils for your favourite uses.


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