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I love changing lives, one drop at a time. I meet sooooo many people who I help with the Young Living products, just by showing them how to create their own wellness sanctuary at home. It’s amazing the difference that essential oils make in our lives, one drop at a time. 

Yet in addition to our home use of essential oils, there are also our essential oil modalities. Over the 30+ years that I’ve worked in the healing and wellness field, I’ve learned many different modalities and gathered many different tools for my toolkit. 

But it’s the modalities that use and are based around the Young Living essential oils that have won my heart, and which continue to astound me with their life-giving results. Why? I’m sure it’s the frequency of the oils that lifts these modalities to a whole other level. 

Last weekend I was teaching Raindrop Technique on the Sunshine Coast. Scroll down to read what our students have to say about that experience! It was such a gorgeous weekend of connection, love and transformation. In fact, I wish I could have been on the massage table, receiving a Raindrop Technique myself!!! 

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique 

People fly in from all over Australia to attend this course….so if you’re up for a life-changing oily adventure using the Young Living essential oils, I hope you can join me!

  • Discover the power of the Young Living oils for emotional transformation and spiritual practices. You’ll come away with much more confidence in your use of essential oils.
  • Learn the amazing Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, and a variety of other emotional clearing techniques and tips using essential oils…including AromaBliss and the brand new ParaSet Technique.
  • Deepen your intuition and enhance your spiritual senses with a treasure chest of fun exercises and adventures.
  • You have the opportunity not only to give, but also to receive many different sessions…it’s a wonderful way to pamper your own body, mind and Spirit.
  • This course is a transformational personal development journey, to help you shine brightly in your own life!
  • Experience fun and connection in one of the most beautiful settings in Australia.
  • Discover new friendships, and share time with like-minded souls.

Artemis writes: This technique brings a whole new way of transforming emotions, using a beautiful and honouring aromatic ritual. The course is a complete training in the technique, and in how to work intuitively with essential oils and bodywork. It’s also a deep and life-changing journey for each participant.

In fact, it’s among the most profound personal development courses I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

Maetreyii D. writes: This course was such a profound experience of opening my heart up with other women in a very safe environment, on all levels. I was scared to be vulnerable and authentic because most of my life, I spent hiding my true feelings, wearing a mask on my face and pretending to be happy. 

What we went through together was so profound that I found myself growing and stepping out of my comfort zone, finding self worth on an even deeper level. This course changed my life and legacy forever.

Vicki D. writes: I loved absolutely everything about this course. Apart from the incredible personal experience I had while I was receiving an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, one of my favourite things was Artemis’ very powerful meditations – I just loved the extras that were thrown in like the aura reading, channelling and really getting to feel into another’s consciousness.

Overall, I have come away with the feeling of being on a much more focussed spiritual journey.

Margit K. writes: EECT is for me like “going back into the future”… meaning science is slowly catching up to explain what has been used and worked amazingly since ancient times to support people with releasing old patterns, emotional baggage and imprints of false beliefs.

This technique takes away energetic burdens in the speed of lightning when the receiver and giver are connecting with deep intention to support and be in service for the highest good of all that is.

For me the speed of transformation I witness in these sessions, and the depth of inner connection is always so impressive… and to find the way back into this inner space is so needed… to find all your answers within.

Jeni D. writes: Gosh, it’s so hard to narrow down what this course meant to me! A particular moment that is strongly imprinted in my memory is when Artemis came to work alongside me and I got to observe and participate in supporting this big emotional release. 

I’m really, really grateful for the chance to see Artemis applying her skills in a real life healing session. This was gold for me! Just so inspiring and extremely informative.

I have also been deeply moved to learn a completely new way to work with people, very different to anything that I’ve studied in the past.

Sophie S. writes: Since completing the course and sharing this technique with my family, friends, and clients, I’ve received SO many wonderful testimonials about the power of this practice! This is one of them: 

“Hi Sophie, I just wanted to say WOW, what an incredible experience EECT was and I am so grateful for you! I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to receive this technique and I cannot wait to do it again. I had the best sleep ever last night and have been feeling so at peace. I walked out of there so light. Thank you for sharing that beautiful session with me”. 

It’s such an honour to be able to support the people I love, with the help of this magical modality. Thank you, Artemis!

Christine R. writes: I have had the most wonderful experiences with the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique. I feel very fortunate to have attended 3 student clinics as a recipient. Each time, l have been amazed at how enlightening the experience has been for me.

I always leave feeling uplifted and buoyed, with a new appreciation for the gift of Young Living’s essential oils and the impact they deliver during this technique. The synergy of the oils, the beauty and serenity of the surroundings and the sacred space created by the practitioner all add to the experience.

Each time has been unique, always reflecting the intention l had set. I highly recommend this incredible modality!

Raindrop Technique

Our Raindrop Technique MasterClass is taught as a 9 hour online component (to be completed before you attend the in-person Level 1) + a 2 day in-person component for Level 1. Then you have a 3 to 4 month window in which to complete 13 practice sessions. Then you return for a 3 day in-person Level 2 course.

  • Our Raindrop Technique training is designed for therapists and non-therapists alike. This course is offered as 2 modules (Level 1 and Level 2), to give you time between modules to integrate your learning and practise this beautiful modality on others. 
  • In addition to deepening and refining your skills in Raindrop Technique, you will also be taught Hot Stone Massage in your Level 2 training. This means you will walk away with two qualifications (Raindrop Technique and Hot Stone Massage)!!! 
  • The course is created by Artemis, one of the few people in the world to hold an Instructor’s Certificate in Raindrop Technique from its creator, Gary Young.
  • We take a maximum of 12 students in a class, to ensure that you receive personalised attention throughout the class.
  • Receive 180+ pages of detailed notes. Our training is a great way to deepen your knowledge of Raindrop Technique and Young Living’s essential oils.
  • In addition to learning about the power of this technique, you will give and receive a full Raindrop Technique on the Saturday and Sunday of your Level 1 course. What a perfect way to pamper yourself!!!

Sue P. writes: What a truly amazing experience it was to do my Level 1 training for Raindrop Technique on the weekend. Like any gathering involving Young Living, it left me with a full heart. But to also get the opportunity to learn such a powerful and transformative modality was the absolute bomb!

I grew 1 whole centimetre after I received my Raindrop Technique!! Holy smoke! And to be honest I got every bit as much enjoyment from giving as receiving. I definitely learned that it’s a technique that can benefit everybody, no matter what the situation.

And I’m just so grateful I got to learn from Artemis whose knowledge is mind-blowing. I can’t wait to share Raindrop Technique with others and see its amazing results – physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Sally S. writes: I had the BEST weekend of learning! Artemis is an exemplary instructor who was clearly committed to making sure we were provided the highest quality instruction while simultaneously being held and nurtured through the experience.

I am still feeling the benefits and adjustments in my body both physically and emotionally from personally receiving Raindrop Technique.

I believe this to be one of those landmark moments I will continue to reference as pivotal in my journey. I left feeling excited for the future and what I will be able to share with my family and how I will be able to serve my community.

Graciela K. writes: The Raindrop Technique Masterclass was very magical!

The first day was very personal, and involved learning a lot about myself which meant many emotions, physical, and spiritual, came to the surface.

The teachings were easy to understand and very thorough and Artemis explained very well about the modality including techniques and contraindications. The course felt loving and caring.

I am very thankful to Artemis for sharing this with us.

Lisa R. writes: I had desired to become a fully qualified Raindrop Technique practitioner for years. Two years ago, thanks to Raindrop Australia (now called Aromatica), that dream came true.

Having this skill has opened up so many doors of ministry and it has also helped subsidize the family finances. People have benefited in numerous ways.

It’s such a privilege to be able to assist people physically, mentally and emotionally. I love my job now!!

Sally S. writes: I only did the Raindrop Technique course to be able to help my friends and family when they need it, but I have to say my business grew organically and since I retired from my Chiropractic assistant’s job it has been a lovely source of income.

I love that I am still helping people with this beautiful gentle and nurturing modality. I still can’t decide which I love more, giving or receiving Raindrop!

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