Loving Messages for Gary Young


Some loving messages for Gary Young on his birthday…

In our last bulletin just before Gary’s birthday and International Essential Oil Day, we asked for love hearts and messages for Gary. We received 184 love hearts, and the following beautiful messages: 

Sarah L. writes: I have been honoured and delighted to have met Gary and to have sat in his general sessions at Convention and even had dinner with him with a group at an Australian Symposium. 

He was one of the most amazing and informative leaders I have every met, and such a caring man with a huge heart. 

One of my favourite memories is in this picture when he was so impressed that I had travelled all the way from Australia for his Convention and asked could he give me a kiss! He is in his jousting gear. I will treasure the memories of this truly amazing man forever. Love you Gary!!!

Jenni C. writes: I’ve never met Gary in person but have always got a lovely warm feeling whenever I’ve listened to recordings of him speak. His soul speaks on through all of his messages, in print, media and oils. 

I did feel his presence when in meditation at Artemis’s in
 a dream-like vision watching over all of us (and particularly Artemis) as we swam together through the air and under the sea in that dream. It was all tied together with a spiritual python watching over the meditation tree from a branch above our heads. There was no fear, only harmony and good will. Was a rather beautiful moment. 

His words to me at the time said, “You’re in good hands with Artemis. She’ll look after you.” 

There was more but that’s all I remember and the feeling of love and compassion for humankind. What a beautiful role model for us all, who will live on forever. 

Lilja O. writes: I was so blessed to have met Gary a few times over the last 10 years of his life. My first meeting with him was in the Eucalyptus forest in the mountains of Ecuador for his Amazonian Adventure event. 

I remember the feeling of seeing this “larger than life” per
son and at the same time this humble farmer with the glowing passion for health, for plants, oils and for Nature.

As we all know our sense of smell is connected to our Limbic region of the brain where we store emotions and memory, and every time I open a bottle of Eucalyptus Blue I remember exactly that feeling of standing in the Eucalyptus forest, the excitement and seeing the people standing around this man Gary, listening to his wisdom about the trees and why the oil was so special.

One of the precious memories are from his visit to Iceland on July 12th, 2012. I was just starting my Young Living business, was a new Silver and we had quite a long way to go before really grasping the idea of growing our team, yet still it was an important step in the right direction. It was so precious to have my children and my team of oilers meet Gary and Mary.

I am forever grateful for all he has done for nature and for us all and for leading the industry and affecting people in a way that is hard to describe….by Magic!

Grace B. writes: I remember going to my 1st Australian symposium in 2015. It wasn’t my intention to go but I was there! Gary Young was present and I feel very blessed to have seen him in person. He was talking on stage and I was seated 4 or 5 rows back and not too far from him. Even though I was quite new to Young Living, I remember feeling almost like a teenager would, as if their favourite musician/singer/idol was on stage. I remember feeling somewhat surprised as to how I was feeling as I listened to him. 

Gary’s words truly felt like they were coming from the heart, no ego involved. it was so special to listen to him.

Later at Dreamworld I had a beautiful experience with a white feather at my feet (twice!) while there. In my mind It will always remain a very special Symposium to hold in my heart. 🌿👣

Kelly D. writes: I never had the chance to meet him in person! But at every Young Living event I attend I can just feel his presence! I feel it in my heart, I get goosebumps and tears in my eyes! He was a great man! 

Kerry M. writes: Gary’s Light will shine on us forever. Happy Birthday Gary from one Cancerian to another. Thank you for your alchemy with the oils and may your light shine brightly forever. Live light love. 

Nancy S. writes: I only hear great things said about  Gary Young. I’m sad that I never had the chance to meet him, but all the great oils he gave us is a blessing from heaven.

Lise-Lotte G. writes:  Love the oils….big thanks!

Emma I. writes: Beautiful!!!

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