NingXia Red Drink Challenge Testimonials


4 months ago, I shared with you about the amazing Red Drink. I first experienced the Red Drink when I did a 90 day Red Drink Challenge for my team in April 2020. I loved it sooo much for my body, that I have continued to drink it ever since. I particularly love that it ensures that I’m getting optimal hydration each day.

The Red Drink comprises 30ml of NingXia Red, 3 or more Sulfurzyme capsules opened and emptied into the drink (I use 6 capsules myself), and 3 drops of Lime oil (this is Lime Vitality oil in the US; If you live in the UK/EU where we don’t yet have a Lime Plus oil, you could substitute with Tangerine Plus or Orange Plus oil). Then just top this mix up with 750ml of water, and that’s enough for one drink! Have this drink morning and afternoon, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

For me, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed on the Red Drink, is how effective it’s been for my overall digestion. Having that vibrant hit of hydration as soon as I wake up of a morning does for me what many people use lemon juice in warm water for – it gets everything moving. I feel amazing on it, and I just love it!

I have just completed another 90 day team Red Drink Challenge – and I wanted to share with you some of the many testimonials that have poured in. Enjoy!

What’s your WOW Moment from the Red Drink Challenge?

Sophie writes: 

The consistency of my Red Drink Challenge was a bit hit and miss – due to my trip back to the UK in August. However! I was thinking ahead and decided to order some of the single sachets of NingXia to have in the fridge for my return (how good are these?), as I knew I’d be feeling a bit rubbish after 6 weeks of no routine with diet, exercise etc. And thank GOODNESS I did!

It’s been a whole month since I’ve been back, and I’ve had my Red Drink every day without fail. And I feel AMAZING! My energy levels are sky high, my skin is clear and bright, my hair and nails are healthy and strong… I also notice that I recover really well from my gym sessions or long runs while taking the Red Drink, which I think must be the Sulfurzyme working its magic. Anybody else?

I feel so lucky to have access to these marvellous products, that contribute so greatly to my health and wellbeing.

I’ll be carrying on with my Red Drink into the summer months.. and you?

Grace B. writes: 

I’ve been going through menopause for three years now. My last cycle was January possibly February this year. The longest I’ve gone, and I thought I was all done & dusted.

After two months of being on the Red Drink, my hydration levels had improved so much, and…..wham bang thank you ma’am! My cycle starts again! And the main thing I was doing differently was my Red Drink Challenge!

I’m back to sleeping well again and other menopausal symptoms have really reduced.

I have been slack over the last few days, so I must get back into it! May be a coincidence but my body is a whole lot happier!

Artemis adds:

Did you know that good hydration is one of the key factors in minimising menopausal symptoms?  One of the beautiful things about the Red Drink is that it ensures we are getting a plethora of vitamins and minerals every day, as well as maintaining excellent hydration levels in our body.

If you are interested in this topic, Google “hydration and menopause”. It’s jaw-dropping!

Gina M. writes:

My WOW moment during the Red Drink Challenge was that Ningxia Red is amazing in so many different recipes.

I loved learning from others who made the most delicious creations.

It’s helped me to be more adventurous using NingXia Red in food recipes and really look at a healthier way of eating & snacking!



Alison S. writes:

The Ningxia Red challenge might be over but this is the beginning really. I love how this challenge got me into being so consistent. It has become like brushing my teeth.

One thing I know for sure, the longer you are on Ningxia Red & Sulfurzyme your body just keeps improving. And my hair!!! Not only is my body & brain feeling so much better, my hair has grown long & thicker!

Knowing all the health benefits & experiencing them I can’t imagine life without them! Who’s with me on that?


Natalie W. writes: 

They weren’t wrong when they originally called this the gut health challenge. The last ten days have been amazing on the Red Drink Challenge! Please tell me someone else weighed in and has lost weight?

Nothing has changed for me; same exercise, same diet but since adding in the challenge I’ve lost 4kg – not complaining here!!!

Also I found another hack incase you lose your funnel… the Thermomix measuring cup works well.

Artemis adds:
Do you love the thought of effortless weight loss?

Check out this article that shows the importance of good hydration in order to lose weight effectively. And we already know that the Red Drink gives us the gift of hydrating our body daily!

Nicole B. writes:

My WOW moment whilst on the Red Drink Challenge was when I went away for a weekend and realised how much my energy levels had improved.

We went bush walking and afterwards everyone else was tired but I still had the energy to keep going.

It really hit home how much it is a real fuel source, I love it and will continue drinking it daily!!



Emma L. writes: 

Well we have growth! Okay, I know it might not look like much but considering how short my nails were, it’s heaps!

I’ve also noticed that the condition of my nails has also improved. They seem less ridgy and much thicker. What amazing progress, I can’t believe it!

How’s everyone else’s nails looking? Has the condition improved in your nails? 

Artemis adds:

Did you know that Sulfurzyme (which is part of the Red Drink) is a naturally occurring source of plant-based sulphur? By feeding our body enough natural sulphur, we give our body the nutrients it needs for healthy skin, hair and nail growth.

Jen G. writes:

Today, let’s talk about hair. When I was a child, my hair was blonde and straight!! My mum got it cut when I was around 8 years old and it went dark and curly! I always hated my hair…. In my teens, I wanted straight hair again, and all my friends were getting perms!!

I very rarely get my hair cut. But in 2015 I went to the hairdressers.

My hair was so short I wanted it to grow really fast… and thankfully now I can – because part of my “hair growth” routine is taking Sulfurzyme (as part of the Red Drink)! 

Did you know that Sulfurzyme* does the following:

  • Enhances hair health
  • Maintains hair strength and thickness

*These claims are compliant in Australia. If you live in other parts of the world, please check your own Young Living website for your region’s claims. 

Susan M. writes:

I have long known the benefits that the Red Drink has provided for myself and my family.  I’ve also had many friends and team members relay how wonderful they have felt by drinking 60mls per day. 

But it wasn’t until I attended the International Grand Convention, Utah in 2019 that I TRULY got to see how this juice has changed people’s lives.

At that convention there were over 32,000 people.  Mary Young was speaking and she brought on stage a small-statured Chinese man who was the owner of the NingXia Wolfberry farm in China. He didn’t speak a word of English, but Mary announced that Young Living had partnered with this farm, to ensure the supply of NingXia Red juice for decades to come. 

Well, every person in that stadium gave a standing ovation.  It gave me goosebumps as I looked around and saw all the lives that had been touched by this amazing drink.

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