Palo Santo and Patchouli – a match made in Heaven


A couple of weeks ago, I was struggling with my left foot. I knew it was an emotional cause, as I’d done nothing to upset my foot, but I was certainly having a lot of emotions coming up around my wonderful Mum. At the ripe young age of 82 she’s been a little forgetful of late, and her doctor chose not to renew her driver’s license.

This link between emotions and my left foot made a lot of sense to me. If you follow Louise Hay’s work in her wonderful bestselling book “You can heal your life”, she examines the emotions that correspond to each part of our body. The left side of our body is to do with the feminine, and the foot corresponds to a fear of stepping forward into our future.

I’ve always been very close to Mum, so this change in her life hit me on a deep emotional level, and it has reminded me that she’s a strong and powerful woman, but at some point her Spirit is going to leave her body behind.

I can’t imagine a future without her, so Louise Hay’s insights into left feet made perfect sense to me.

I probably could have used some Inner Child oil, to connect with the sadness inside of me around my Mum….but I didn’t think to do that at the time, and so my upset was manifesting through my left foot, which I could barely walk on.

Knowing it was an emotional and not a physical causation, I tuned into which oils I wanted to pamper my foot with…and I decided to combine two oils that I very rarely use. I rubbed them lovingly into my foot, gave my Achilles tendon a gentle massage, and went to bed. The next day I woke and all was great in the world of my left foot.

Would you like to know what oils they were? I chose them purely intuitively, and I LOVE the combination. Check them out in this week’s blog….

Palo Santo and Patchouli – a match made in Heaven

Palo Santo oil has the same frequency as our joints, so it’s one of my favourite oils to rub into my shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles any time they need some TLC, or after a workout. Try combining Palo Santo with some Peppermint oil as you do this – this combo is amazing!!!

But this was the first time I’d ever used Palo Santo oil to massage over my entire foot, and I made sure I brought lots of loving energy to my foot as I was massaging it, so that I was pampering my foot.

I was wondering why I’d been drawn to Palo Santo oil in this situation. Well, to know that, it helps to understand how Palo Santo is used traditionally in South American cultures…

In Ecuadorian (and other South American) traditions, Palo Santo oil is used to keep evil spirits at bay.

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This reminds me of something Gary Young used to teach us. When he showed us the Emotional Clearing Technique for the first time in 2001, he talked about an amazing experience he’d had in the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae in Egypt. That was where he’d videoed and photographed the hieroglyphs around the walls of a special room. These hieroglyphs depicted a special anointing ritual using essential oils which was practiced in this temple. It was called “Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”.

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Now, don’t get me wrong. I do actually believe in entities and Spirits (good ones and not so good ones), and I’ve had my share of experiences in that unseen realm. But Gary surmised that it’s also possible that the Egyptians were referring to emotions. When expressed loudly and cathartically, these could easily be mistaken for evil deities.

It made sense to me that I was drawn to Palo Santo for its purifying effects on the energy field and the emotions. It helped me to keep those unhappy thoughts at bay.


Patchouli Oil – a gift to our Spirit

Let’s now talk about Pachouli oil…

Do you ever find that you smell an oil and an image comes to mind?

When I smell Patchouli, she conjures up an image of a Russian sex goddess with a deep, husky voice. She is….well….seductive in her aroma. So it’s no surprise that Patchouli oil is indeed one of our aphrodisiac oils, alongside of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Whenever you’re planning a romantic evening, make sure you bring Lady Patchouli along for the ride!

Patchouli is a herb that grows to about a metre (3 feet) in height, and grows wild in Indonesia (specifically Sumatra and Java) between altitudes of 900 and 1,800 metres (that’s 3,000 to 6,000 feet). Most of the world’s supply of Patchouli oil comes from Indonesia, although you can also obtain Patchouli oil from China, Malaysia and India.

According to Gabriel Mojay in his book Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, Patchouli’s strongly scented leaves are hand-picked and dried for three days before distillation…and the very best Patchouli oil comes from plants harvested during the wet season.

And like a good wine, Patchouli oil actually improves with age!

In the 19th Century, Patchouli oil was used to scent Indian fabric and shawls. Like Vetiver oil, Patchouli has a wonderful lingering “base” note….meaning a very deep, earthy smell. This makes Patchouli (and Vetiver) great oils to use in any perfume blend, as they help to “fix” the lighter florally and citrus notes in the perfume blend, ensuring those lighter notes can stay around for longer when the perfume is applied to your skin.

In fact, Patchouli oil is wonderful for rejuvenating the skin, so try adding a drop into your moisturizer or aftershave.

From a Chinese Meridian perspective, Patchouli oil helps to uplift the Qi (Chi) energy of the body. So anytime you are feeling tired, as though the world has climbed on top of you instead of you being on top of the world, try this simple process….

Just put a couple of drops of Patchouli oil into your palms, rub your palms together, and rub the oil over your heart, sacrum, throat and neck. I’ve even been doing this process before I go to bed at night, and I’ve been sleeping like a baby!

This same process is perfect if you’ve noticed your mind is running away from you, or starting to loop around and around on one subject. It will ground you and centre you, and help relieve that busy mind that’s full of worries and things to “do”. It’s even amazing to help counterbalance feelings of insecurity and jealousy!

Patchouli is the perfect oil to accompany those moments of mindfulness, whether that’s being spent in romantic pleasure, or in peaceful stillness, or in deep restful sleep.

So take a moment now, and reach for Patchouli. After all, don’t you deserve some breathing space in your day?

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