Relieve body tension with these miracle oils and blends!


The last month has been blissfully quiet without any travel or events, so I’ve focussed my energy on some healthy daily rituals. It’s summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, so I’ve been enjoying a grounding beach walk and dip in the ocean most mornings, I’ve challenged myself with a cardio-intensive hill walk most afternoons, and I’ve just completed the 9 day Medical Medium Liver Cleanse to give my body a healthy restart.

Yep, I’m feeling great, and sleeping well. But with all that extra exercise, I’m noticing parts of my body that I don’t normally feel – especially my hamstrings and heels.  

Thank goodness for our oils!!! But do you know which oils to use pre- or post-exercise for which parts of our body? That’s what today’s bulletin is all about. But first, let me set the scene with some basic fundamentals about essential oils….

The Intelligence of Essential Oils

Every essential oil is made up of hundreds of constituents. We call that the plant’s fingerprint. The makeup of a plant’s essential oil dictates how that essential oil will work in the human body as well.

So that means that each essential oil has its own unique purpose and personality. For example, Peppermint oil is invigorating, whereas Lavender oil is calming. 

That’s because Peppermint oil contains higher percentages of constituents that invigorate the body, whereas Lavender oil contains higher percentages of constituents that calm the body.

But – because each essential oil contains hundreds of individual constituents, Peppermint oil still does contain some calming constituents, and Lavender oil still does contain some invigorating constituents. So whilst most people will find Peppermint invigorating, there are times that it will calm you instead of invigorating you.

I notice this if I have a headache, and I put Peppermint Wellness oil on my temples. I often feel quite sleepy as a result. That’s because in that moment, my body needs the more calming constituents from the Peppermint oil, so my body talks to those constituents and ignores the rest. It gets what it needs.

This is why we say that essential oils act in a very intelligent way on the body, going where they need to go, helping transform us in the way that we most need (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually).

A Message for our Australian readers…

Every country is different in what we can say about our essential oils, due to the different regulatory bodies. In Australia, we can make the following claims about Peppermint oil (when we are showing the white Wellness oil bottle, not the regular green bottle)…..even though the essential oil inside both bottles is exactly the same:

Peppermint oil is traditionally used in aromatherapy to:

  • Relieve headache and mild migraine symptoms
  • Reduce the duration of a mild migraine
  • Relieve mild rheumatic aches and pains
  • It’s an analgesic, ie. a pain reliever and antispasmodic – it even helps relieve toothache and menstrual pain
  • Relieve symptoms of nausea, indigestion, stomach upsets, colic and wind
  • Relieve mild fever by reducing body temperature

Hopefully you are now getting the understanding of how powerful essential oils are. With such a broad fingerprint, they can impact many different aspects of our life.

The Frequency of Essential Oils

Acknowledging that therapeutic-grade essential oils are intelligent, and therefore work in targetted ways on each person, we can still generalise about their most common action, eg. Peppermint is invigorating, Lavender is calming, etc.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, did some interesting experiments in the early days. He measured the frequency of body parts, and also the frequency of a few essential oils. This showed him which essential oils best “matched” the frequency of which parts of our body.

Why is this important? Well, think of it like friendships and romance. When we like someone, and they like us, there’s an instant “drawing together”, aka attraction between us. We want to get to know that person. We’re drawn to them.

But when we meet someone who’s so different to us they might as well be on another planet, there’s no resonance between us – no attraction, not desire to hang out together, no interest in sharing viewpoints.

So when an oil has a frequency that matches a particular body part, it’s naturally attracted to that part of our body, and that’s where it loves to be placed.

For example, Gary found that Wintergreen oil has a frequency of 52 MHz, the same frequency as our bones. So Wintergreen loves bones (even more than it loves muscles). Therefore, if I want to put an oil on my bones, I’d choose Wintergreen (or a blend like Panaway that contains a high percentage of Wintergreen oil).

Although Gary didn’t measure the frequency of many essential oils, we can still deduce their frequency by noticing where they love to work.

Oils like Basil and Marjoram have the same frequencies as muscles, Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle have the same frequency as ligaments, and Palo Santo has the same frequency as joints.

Bones, Ligaments and Muscles

Given that I’ve been doing much more exercise than my body is accustomed to, what are some of my “go-to” oils for placing on different body parts?

I’ll admit that even though Gary did his frequency studies on single oils, I love using his specially formulated blends even more than I love the single oils. Why? Because in many cases they are even more powerful than the single oils, due to the wider array of constituents present in a blend.

Gary was a master formulator, and one of his many areas of genius was in his creation of blends. He used his knowledge of essential oil constituents, and combined that with his awareness of essential oil frequencies and his inner guidance to decide exactly which oils would make their way into these special blends, and in what proportions.

They truly are something out of this world!


My absolute go-to when I want to pour love onto my bones is Panaway oil. 

Wintergreen is amazing, and great for those who are on a limited budget. 

But Panaway oil (which contains Wintergreen oil, as well as Helichrysum, Clove and Peppermint) is even more exceptional. I particularly love using it on my lower back, toes, feet, fingers and around my ankles and heels.


If I have tight muscles and I want a purely tension-relieving effect, I reach for AromaSiez. It contains 4 of our Raindrop Technique oils (Basil, Marjoram, Peppermint and Cypress), with the added goodness of Lavender oil thrown into the mix. But I have two other combos for tight muscles that I like even more. Why? 

I can only say that these other 2 combos make me feel happy as well as soothing my muscles. They seem to have more emotionally elevating constituents in them, and that gives me a natural emotional “high”. They are:

  • Valor and Frankincense oil: I put 5 drops of Valor onto my tight muscles or back, and I rub that in. Then I follow it with 5 drops of Frankincense oil, rubbed in.
  • Idaho Grand Fir and Lemon Myrtle oil: I use a few drops of each on my tight muscles or back, and rub them in. Idaho Grand Fir used to be called Idaho Balsam Fir in our Young Living collection. It’s the same oil in the bottle, it’s just had a name change to more accurately reflect its origins.


The essential oil with the same frequency as ligaments is Lemongrass or Lemon Myrtle. 

I love both, but for preference I use Lemon Myrtle because it’s a little more potent and effective than Lemongrass oil….and I find it more emotionally elevating as well.  

Because I often want to relax the muscles around that area and not only the ligaments, I love using the Idaho Grand Fir and Lemon Myrtle combo mentioned above.

Your “All Rounder”

What happens if I’m out and about, and I feel some tension in my body and I want to address it? Would I walk around with all of these oils mentioned above, and pick the one I need? That could make for a heavy handbag or backpack! 

To be honest, I have an amazing handbag (called a Luci Bag) that carries 16 essential oils and 2 roll-ons with me at all times….and boy, am I ever grateful to have that many oils on me at any one time! 

But I do like to keep things simple when I’m out and about. So if I could only take one oil with me, it would be Deep Relief Roll-on (and yes, this is carried with me in my Luci Bag).

It contains the same 4 oils that are in Panaway (Wintergreen, Peppermint, Helichrysum and Clove). But it also contains Idaho Grand Fir for muscles, as well as Lemon, Copaiba, Vetiver and Dorado Azul.

Do your own research so you understand what those individual oils do. But suffice to say that Deep Relief Roll-on is a miracle worker in the body for any sort of tension.

So if you only want one oil blend to love on bones, ligaments and muscles, Deep Relief Roll-on is your ONE!

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