Restore balance to your body – Raindrop Technique Step 2


I trust you loved last week’s bulletin, and have been relishing your experiences with the Valor Balance step of Raindrop Technique. In today’s bulletin, I want to take a deep dive into the second step of Raindrop Technique, which is also performed on the feet. 

It’s so difficult for me to pick a favourite step of Raindrop Technique. Every step is so unique, and complements every other step so perfectly. But if I did have to choose, I’d have to say that my favourite is this second step of Raindrop Technique, which is called VitaFlex Technique. 

It’s an ancient Tibetan reflexology performed along the spine of the feet…..and I find it really, really, REALLY difficult to stay awake when I’m receiving it, because it’s just so divinely blissful and relaxing. 

Because my plate is often overflowing with so many “things to do” in life, I truly treasure the joy of just letting go while this second step of Raindrop Technique is performed on my feet. It’s when I “zip off somewhere” and don’t know where I’ve gone…but wherever it is, it’s been wonderful! 

VitaFlex Technique: A Feet-First Approach to Wellness

VitaFlex Technique is an Ancient Tibetan form of reflexology. Back in the early 1900’s there was an amazing healer and channeller called Stanley Burroughs. Like Gary Young, he was a visionary and pioneer, and his visions brought 3 wonderful modalities to our world. These were: 

  • VitaFlex Technique
  • The Master Cleanse (which used to be called The Lemonade Diet, and is a way of cleansing the body using Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper and water)
  • Colour Therapy (using coloured light shone over the body to stimulate a natural healing response, where different colours stimulate different functions of the body)

“VitaFlex” stands for “Vitality through the Reflexes”

VitaFlex is a pressure point massage technique that works on the concept that by stimulating one part of the body, we can influence another part of the body through energy channels or meridians.

According to Tom Woloshyn, long-time student of Stanley Burroughs and author of The Complete Master Cleanse, “The word reflex is derived from reflexive, meaning “to direct back onto one’s self”.

A person who does VitaFlex is activating the inborn system of bodily reflexes to correct or balance the body by its own natural means. 

The technique itself was channelled by Stanley Burroughs around 1928/1929. He told Tom Woloshyn that he saw himself in his mind’s eye performing this reflex massage on a person. He could even see charts of various reflex points for the entire body in that vision.

When Stanley later connected with some Tibetan lamas, they recognized the technique he was performing, and they told him that people in Tibet practiced this technique more than 5,000 years ago….and probably still do today.

VitaFlex Technique even pre-dates acupuncture!

It’s designed to balance and energise the entire body, and the complete VitaFlex technique works from the knees to the ankles, and all over the top and bottom of the feet and toes.

The VitaFlex movement can also be performed on other areas of the body, including the arms, hands, scalp and shoulders.

In Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, Stanley Burroughs says about VitaFlex Technique that, “Its beauty is that it works on the entire body, and it’s so simple – it does no damage, people can learn it themselves, and treat themselves.”

Stanley believed in empowering people to be healthy, rather than having them put power in a system that was focused on the principles of sickness, not health.

Differences between VitaFlex Technique and Reflexology

Difference # 1

Although VitaFlex Technique is similar to reflexology in the concept that the feet and hands map the rest of the body, it’s potentially a more extensive and comprehensive modality because it is applied to many more areas of the body. Whilst VitaFlex Technique can be performed on the feet and hands in order to direct energy to other parts of the body, this is only one of 4 dimensions in which VitaFlex Technique can be used. The other dimensions include concepts such as:

  • The left side of the body mirrors the right side (so work on the left shoulder to activate the right shoulder).
  • The front of the body mirrors the back of the body (so work on the front of the knee to activate the back of the knee).
  • The concept of surrogacy, which Stanley describes as the fourth dimension. In this, he teaches that we can perform VitaFlex Technique on one person, but our intention is that this person is a “surrogate” for another person who is not physically present (and it is the person not physically present who is the true recipient of the technique).

In reference to this fourth dimension, Stanley says that:

“There is but one body, and one spirit. We are all connected together through cords only visible through spiritual sight. What affects one, affects the world and all its people. What we do to ourselves, we do to others. What we do to others, we do to ourselves.”

By employing this principle, we can work on someone who is 1000 miles/kilometres away just as easily as we can work on someone who is right here with us. We can do this without actually touching the person we want to work on, and by doing this, we can transcend both time and space.

Difference # 2

When it comes to activation points in the body, VitaFlex Technique recognises 5,000 reflex points in the body. In the early to mid 1900’s when Stanley Burroughs was practicing and teaching VitaFlex, Acupuncture was at that time only working with 165 acupressure points.

Difference # 3

VitaFlex Technique is also a much gentler movement than reflexology. Gary Young did some blood studies around
reflexology versus VitaFlex, and he found that where reflexology has the capacity to be so firm it can bruise or damage some of the red blood cells under the pressure site, VitaFlex Technique is much gentler and doesn’t cause this damage to blood cells.

Difference # 4

Vitaflex Technique uses its own foot and hand map, which is slightly different to the one used by reflexology (which is pictured here).

Difference # 5

VitaFlex Technique also looks completely different to reflexology when it’s being performed. It’s very much a roll and release movement, similar to turning a doorknob. Let’s explore the movement itself in more detail….

How to perform VitaFlex Technique

VitaFlex Technique is a 3 part movement. You start with the pad of your finger in contact with the foot (or whatever part of the body you are working on). Without losing contact with the body, you roll your finger (or fingers) over and back on that reflex point. When the pad of the finger is in contact with the skin, this is a “neutral” or “off” position. When the nail connects with the skin (as in this picture below), this is a firing position, sending a Piezoelectric pulse along the corresponding energy pathway of the body. When the finger is rolled completely over so that the back of the nail is in contact with the skin, this is an insulating position, stopping the “firing” from occurring.

Thus by rolling over and back in quick succession, you are generating an electrical charge or pulse along an energy pathway to a corresponding part of the body.

So the key is that you are working on a part of the body that is remote to the area that you are really targeting. You might want to work on the spine, for example… but you are accessing the physical spine by working on the spine of the foot. And by doing this, there is much less likelihood of causing aggravation to the physical spine.

In his book Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, Stanley Burroughs explains the VitaFlex movement as follows. He says:

It’s similar to the end of pipe wrench. The more you twist it, the tighter and more effective it becomes. As the twist continues to completion, and the finger is completely bent, the correct pressure occurs with the end of the finger making the contact.

All this time the hand remains firm on the foot or hand of whatever part [of the body] you are working on. The pressure is never “held”. It’s always released immediately, and then repeated from the beginning. 

This can be done several times on the one spot to obtain the desired results. Since the movement is very fast, one will never stay more than a moment on any point, thus preventing irritation. Don’t rub any point, because this can damage the tissues. We’re not attempting to crush crystals which may or may not be there. Instead, we use the pipe wrench technique which is pressure, release, pressure, release. As the progress moves onto other parts, the hand moves smoothly and rhythmically without any jabs. It’s important not to jerk when performing VitaFlex, because this jerking can harm a person.

How VitaFlex became the 2nd step of Raindrop Technique

Oooh – this is a really fun part of the story. Gary Young heard about the Master Cleanse when he was paralysed from a logging accident at age 24. Always being a highly active and physical man, life in a wheelchair seemed hopeless to Gary, and there were many times he wanted to give up. Yet Gary was very intuitive, and something had led him to the Master Cleanse and he decided to try it. Now, the Master Cleanse is JUST lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water…and NO food. However, Gary went onto the Master Cleanse, then onto alkaline soup broths, then back onto the Master Cleanse….and he did this for 258 days straight, without eating any solid food!

He felt so good on the Master Cleanse that it spurred him on to study natural therapies and to explore many different modalities, and some 13 after his accident, he had regained his ability to walk.

So did the Master Cleanse get Gary’s attention? Absolutely! Gary also went on to study VitaFlex Technique with Stanley Burroughs, and he adapted it to become the second step of Raindrop Technique, after the Valor Balance.

Where Stanley often used just one finger to perform VitaFlex Technique, Gary adapted it to use 4 fingers. And where Stanley did a complete session from the knees to the ankles and over the tops and bottoms of both feet, Gary focused on the spine of the foot which corresponds to the spine of the body.

In Gary’s 4 day Raindrop Technique trainings, he used to teach Raindrop Technique and also the full VitaFlex Technique, and many of the additional specialist VitaFlex moves (targeting other parts of the body). I attended his training in Dallas in 2000 and took extensive notes of each movement, which is how I came to learn both VitaFlex Technique and Raindrop Technique as separate modalities. It was this training and the subsequent results I began having with Raindrop Technique that ignited my passion for this extraordinary modality.

Gary also began incorporating essential oils into VitaFlex Technique. He taught that the Piezoelectric charge generated with each roll of VitaFlex Technique was carrying the energy of the oils to the corresponding part of the body. I remember when I studied with him in the year 2000, he said that the benefit of starting Raindrop Technique on the feet was that the body would become used to the oils before we transitioned to working on the back (which is Step 3 of Raindrop Technique, and which I will cover in our next bulletin).

Gary taught that much of the benefit of Raindrop Technique actually comes from the work we do on the feet with the Valor Balance and VitaFlex Technique, and their energetic action on the spine of the body. 

So what does VitaFlex Technique on the feet feel like?

Hmmm….like Heaven, only better? Let me give you a visual….you are lying face up on the massage table, and you’ve just gone into a really deep state of relaxation with the Valor Balance. Then this beautiful, rhythmic, VitaFlex technique is performed along the inner edge of both of your feet, from your heel cup to your big toe. It’s perfectly balanced – not too light, not too heavy….just right. Three drops of 7 different essential oils are applied to your feet during this process, using oils that are physically stimulating like Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram and Peppermint.

You’ll first receive VitaFlex Technique three times up your right foot with one oil, then three times up your left foot with the same oil…then it’s time to move onto the next oil. You end up receiving 21 runs of VitaFlex up each foot in a Raindrop Technique.

This means that each point of your foot is stimulated 84 times (because each of the giver’s four fingers are stimulating that point with each run, ie. 21 x 4). I know when I give VitaFlex Technique during Raindrop Technique, it sends the receiver into such a luscious state of relaxation that they are almost always sound asleep by the end of this step….ready for step 3, which I’ll talk about in next week’s bulletin.

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