Roasted Macadamias with Lemon Myrtle & Rosemary


I absolutely LOVE preparing mouthwatering dishes with essential oils. But I have a confession to make. I’m simply not a chef. If it takes me any longer than 10 minutes of preparation time, it’s just not for me.

I’m not someone who wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen….but I do LOVE my food! And this is where essential oils have become my best friend!

Instead of having to keep a whole lot of dried herbs and fresh produce in the house, I can simply have my essential oils from food plants, and keep my ingredient list simple.

Today I had a lovely new-found friend pop over to talk to me about Young Living. Having watched her eyes light up when I’ve previously served her food with essential oils in it, I decided to create some oil-infused concoctions. In addition to Bliss Balls infused with Lavender, Lemon and Lime oil, I had an idea for a new dish….and it’s delicious and super easy to make! Let me know what you think!!

Roasted Macadamias with Lemon Myrtle and Rosemary

This photo above is of the actual dish I created today (after we’d eaten half of the macadamias!).


• several sprigs of fresh rosemary
• 2 cloves garlic
• 2-3 teaspoons of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt
• 2-3 drops of Young Living Lemon Myrtle oil
• 200g macadamia nuts (substitute with cashews if preferred)


Step 1: Dry roast rosemary and garlic

This step is optional – the dish works just as well without it.

However, in this instance I wanted to give the experience of some herbs in with the roasted macadamias, to create texture and colour. So I stripped the leaves off a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, and put the rosemary leaves and 2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped) into a baking pan.

I then dry roasted the mix in a hot oven at 200 degrees Celsius (390 degrees Fahrenheit). I kept checking to ensure the rosemary wasn’t burning – I wanted it dry and crisp but not burnt. It took about 10 minutes, after which I threw the mix into my blender to create a coarse blend (ie. where the rosemary leaves were still relatively intact, as you will see in the photo above).


Step 2: Add Lemon Myrtle oil to sea salt

While the rosemary and garlic was roasting, I took 2 to 3 teaspoons of Celtic Sea Salt (or you could use Himalayan Sea Salt), and added 2 to 3 drops of Young Living’s Lemon Myrtle oil to it, and mixed it in well.

In Australia and New Zealand, Young Living’s Lemon Myrtle oil is one of our culinary oils. That means it’s compliant with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, and approved for use as a flavouring agent in food and beverages in Australia and New Zealand. A little bit goes a long way…and this ends up quite subtle, so even the kiddies should love it. Make it up, taste it, and if you want a stronger flavour you can add extra drops of Lemon Myrtle oil to the salt.

Note: If you are a Young Living member and live outside of AU/NZ, Lemon Myrtle oil is not allowed to be promoted for use in foods (just due to local regulatory laws). Therefore, substitute with some Lemongrass Plus Oil (if you live in UK/EU), or Lemongrass Vitality Oil (if you live in the US).

Step 3: Dry roast macadamia nuts

Once the rosemary and garlic is out of the oven, pop 200g of raw macadamia nuts into your roasting pan (the same one you used for the rosemary and garlic), and pop into the oven for 5 to 10 minutes until golden-brown.

Step 4: Mix and Eat!
Remove the roasted macadamias from the oven, and toss with the dry-roasted rosemary and garlic, and with the oil-infused sea salt.These are absolutely delicious when eaten warm!!!

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