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Young Living first crossed my path in September 1998, when a woman handed me an audio cassette that was Gary Young (the founder of Young Living) talking about the science and power of essential oils. He described essential oils as the “Missing Link” for our Planet. Boy, was it an amazing talk!

At that time, I had a rather serious health challenge I was grappling with. It was a benign tumor of my salivary gland that was growing, and starting to wrap around my facial nerves. And when I listened to Gary speaking, I had a deep “Ah Ha!” moment. I suddenly understood the metaphysical reason as to why this tumour had appeared in my life. 

I realised that I was soooooo good at giving to others – to my friends and my clients – but I was neglecting myself. I was caught in a lack cycle, where I felt that I had to keep working, working, working in order to provide for myself…..and that it was OK to put myself last in this picture. 

And that’s when the penny dropped. I realised that the benign tumour was not my enemy at all, but rather it was a friend, whispering to me that I needed to take care of myself SO I could take care of others. 

I knew Young Living had crossed my path for a reason. It was here to give me this message about much-needed self-care. And it was the perfect range of natural products for me to nurture myself with.

Even though money was tight for me in those days, I knew that I needed to learn this lesson of self-care. So I made the commitment to go onto Young Living’s Essential Rewards program (ordering at least 50PV worth of products each month), purely for my own self-care. This was how I chose to pamper myself. And boy, did I have a long shopping list!!! I’m sure you know how that feels! Once we start on these beautiful products, their quality and frequency is so beneficial, that there are so many more we want to try.

Last week in The OIl Temple bulletin, I asked you what product you love to pamper yourself with….and in today’s bulletin (and also in next week’s bulletin) I’m selecting some of my favourite submissions to share with you.

A Bath To Relax, Restore And Renew

Jenetta H. writes: 

Picture this…its lightly raining outside but the weather is warm. It’s Sunday morning and you awaken late to the smell of Rose oil and Geranium oil in the diffuser. In your sleepiness you enter your bathroom filled with a myriad of crystals surrounding the shelves on the bath and the sink.

The light is dimmed and you immerse amongst the bubbles, into a heavenly mix of Abundance, Lemon, Frankincense and Awaken oil. It’s your own signature blend, with 2 to 3 drops of each oil used.

As you relax back into the bubbles, the smell of breakfast reaches your nostrils and your partner enters with a tray. Breakfast is healthy and light and you finish just to settle back with your favourite book series as you open the tap for more warm water to enter the bath. The blend has filled your cells, relaxed and gently awakened you.

Outside the window is the freshness of the bush in the rain, amid a sky of clouds filled with blends of grey and blue.

This is your day, this is your moment and the time is …now.

Treat Your Dry Skin

Trish B. writes: 

I stumbled on this amazing combo quite by accident….

After a warm winter in the Northern Territory my skin was dry and scaly. Sometimes in this beautiful sunburnt country, bore water is all that is available. Most of the time it’s ok but sometimes it can be quite harsh on the skin.

So, I decided to use Young Living’s Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo as my body wash, and then I thought, “Why not condition my skin as well?”

So I followed up with the Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner on my skin, and then

I lightly rinsed it off.

WOW! What a treat! And it means I no longer need to use moisturizer on my skin afterwards.

No matter where we are in this amazing country, this is my go-to skin regime a couple of times a week…. We’re in Tassie at the moment and in the cooler weather my skin is loving this duo too!

Relax, Wind Down, Breathe

Melanie B. writes: 

To pamper myself, I give myself a Reiki session whilst using my oil of choice (usually Peace and Calming oil). 

I finish that by bathing myself in white light (which I got shown how to do from my Grandmother, recently departed). I then use the Seedlings Baby Oil to give myself a gua sha facial. In spring or autumn I would then go outside and sit and commune with the nature in my back yard.

That helps to recharge my batteries, and is the best way I can help myself to come back to centre.

Tender Tush

Artemis writes: 

I love nothing more than a beach walk and a swim in the ocean before I start my day. And what a beach I live on! It’s gorgeous! But I’m a little self-conscious in a bikini, which is why having a bikini wax every 4 weeks is part of my self-care routine.

But if you’ve ever been waxed before, especially in sensitive areas like the bikini line, you will know how much our skin can sting after the wax and hairs have been ripped out. Whenever it’s happening, I’m convinced I’ve just stepped into some sort of medieval torture ritual, and I try to keep chatting to distract myself from the pain!!! 

After the waxing, the therapist always offers me a gel to put on, but I decline. She’s not as aware about toxins as I am, so I don’t trust any of her products she comes near me with! It’s one of the many things that I do truly appreciate about Young Living – ie. their focus on clean, green skin care. So instead of accepting her offer, I pull out my Seedlings Tender Tush and lather it on.

Not only does it smell AMAZING, but it also settles my skin down so, so quickly. 

Your Perfect Pamper Combination

Sally T writes: 

My ‘pamper myself’ evening involves putting my Aria diffuser on with Present Time oil blend in it.

I then apply Young Living’s Charcoal Face Mask and soak in the tub for a while. It’s made even better by relaxing to the Aria music!

Finally, I follow up with the Wolfberry Eye Cream and the ART Intensive Moisturiser. What a perfect combination!



Choose Joy

Veerle B. writes: 

I have a daily ritual that’s very valuable for me. For the last 10 years – yes, 10!! – each morning I put Joy oil over my heart.

And still, after 10 years, I feel the vibration when applying this beautiful blend over my heart. 

I reflect on it and say thank you each day, to my heart, to my Soul, and to Joy. 



Get the Most Out of Your Magnesium

Ngarie H. writes: 

The way I love best to pamper myself is with a magnesium bath or foot soak!

Last week I started tipping my empty bottles upside down to get the last few drops out into a cup of magnesium or epsom salts (same thing).

Just take the stopper out of the bottle and place upside down in the cup of magnesium. You’ll be surprised that there is always a drop or 2 left in there! Why waste them!!


How to Order…

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