Sheba’s Story – an emotional clearing on a horse


Last week I shared about an amazing oil called Trauma Life, and how it works not only on our physical body, but on our emotional body as well.

This week, I want to share how this same oil works on our spiritual body. That’s right – one oil, which works on all 3 levels.

Now, that’s not all that unusual. In fact, it’s what I love about essential oils.

Essential oils just seem to know exactly what we need in our life, and they go to work filling that need. They are supremely intelligent, lifting us when we need uplifting, calming us when we need calming, and balancing us when we need balancing.

But how this oil worked for me on a spiritual level – well, it was a really special story, and one I want to share with you. In fact, it was the very first time I ever gave an emotional clearing technique to a horse. Here’s what happened….

The Big Gun for our Spiritual Body

For this particular story, we need to roll the clock back to 2009. I was living in regional Victoria, and I’d just given a Raindrop Technique to lovely man called Allen. He loved the technique, and as we were talking, I mentioned that I also do Emotional Clearing Technique. His ears pricked up, and he asked me if I’d ever worked on a horse.

I’d worked on many horses with Raindrop Technique, but never with Emotional Clearing Technique…but I was game if he was!

He told me about Sheba’s story. Sheba was his horse….but Sheba’s paddock friend belonged to his daughter. And his daughter had a very nasty break up with her boyfriend. One night, the boyfriend came into the paddock, and slit her horse’s throat. It was revenge at its most vicious.

The family were away at the time, and came back two days later to find Sheba standing beside the dead body of her long-time friend.

She’d never been the same since. Although she kept looking towards the hill where her friend had died, she refused to enter that paddock. Allen used to whistle, and Sheba and her playmate would gallop around the paddock like a pair of teenagers. Now Allen would whistle, and Sheba wouldn’t even lift her head. In fact, she kept her head down all day. Her heart had been broken.

Approaching a horse with essential oils

From the moment I heard about Sheba, I knew I wanted to work on her. So I returned to his house with my collection of Young Living oils targeting emotions….and I began the session.

First, I approached Sheba with some Geranium oil on the palms of my hands, so she’d get used to the smell of the oils, and to me. 

Almost every horse I’ve ever met loves Geranium oil, and Sheba was no different.

Then, I followed the technique exactly as I would on a human (see chart below). I put oil after oil on Sheba, waiting a few minutes between each oil.

Sheba liked the smells of the oils, and as I came over with each new oil, she became more and more engaged. By about half-way through the treatment, Sheba insisted on smelling each oil as we brought it over!!

And she didn’t just smell it! She stuck her nostril over the bottle so that the top of each bottle literally disappeared up her nose! Now that’s what I call “snorting” oils!!!!

She especially liked Release oil. In fact, she loved the smell so much that Allen bought her a bottle, just for herself. He’d pop it on his hand every day after our session, and she’d go into heaven just smelling it. In fact, she even loved licking it off his hands!

The Emotional Clearing Technique


The power of following our Intuition

I was almost at the end of the session, when I received intuitive guidance to put Trauma Life oil on Sheba’s throat. When I received this guidance, I assumed it was because of the trauma she’d been through, losing her best friend.

But after I put the oil on her and I had my hands on her neck and we were “communing” with each other, I suddenly realised that the oil wasn’t for her. It was for her playmate.

He was still around her, in Spirit. The Trauma Life oil on her throat was in fact reaching through to him in Spirit, to help his sorrow at being taken from his body, his life, his friend. Sheba was being a surrogate for her best friend.

I felt a deep connection with both horses as I did this, and I felt that this was the turning point in the session.

By the time I finished the session, Sheba was a different horse (and this is according to Allen, and not just my own observations). She went out into her paddock and began galloping around.

He whistled her numerous times over the next few hours, and she put her head up each time, just like she used to. And since that day she is her “old self”, although she does still look up to the hill where her friend died.

Whatever needed to happen had happened in that session….Release oil, and Trauma Life oil, were the two oils that were pivotal in the shift that we saw. Now, I’d never be without either of them.


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