The 3 favourite products of a new Young Living member


Star writes: I joined The Oil Temple a month ago, and I absolutely love being a part of this amazing Team!

My life is filled with dancing, meditation, yoga and many Cacao smoothies with friends….and of course whales. I love them so much!

Prior to starting with The Oil Temple, I would use the odd essential oil here and there, but I never really understood what each oil could bring to my life, or the importance of quality.

My perspective changed when Artemis sat down with me after work one day, and talked me through the many amazing uses and gifts that each oil in the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) could bring to my life.

We spent hours playing with the oils in this kit, and creating products such as Lavender Bath Salts, a gorgeous Purification Spray, a delicious Facial toner and a Household cleaning spray (based on Thieves Household Cleaner) that makes my home smell like heaven.

After that night, I couldn’t wait to get started. Now that I’ve had a chance to play with my new products, I want to share my top three favourites with you!

Panaway Essential Oil

Because I spend a lot of time dancing and doing yoga, I can get quite tight muscles, and because I am so tall I need to be careful with my back in particular.

Panaway has been incredible! After exercising I just put a few drops onto my back or shoulders, and rub the oil in.

It takes away my muscle tension within seconds like nothing else ever has!

And now I carry it everywhere with me.

ART Beauty Masque

I was so lucky to have this come with my Premium Starter Kit as a freebie on one of Young Living’s special offers for September.

I can’t believe the difference it makes to my skin!

I honestly thought it would be just like any other mask that feels lovely but there’s hardly any difference.

I left the mask on at night for 30 minutes, and in the morning I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin looked! My skin had become firm again, the little lines were gone, my face looked full and healthy.

I am in love with these masques! Everyone should try one. It’s made in the shape of a face, and you simply put it onto your face, and let it sit there until your face has soaked up all the goodness from it. It’s like bringing the spa home with you!

Essential Oil Diffuser

I have never had a diffuser before, as I’ve always lit incense or candles. I didn’t realise that the heat from incense and candles destroys all the fine constituents in the essential oil, and reducing the benefits. I chose the Desert Mist diffuser as part of my kit, with its beautiful Moroccan theme.

I decided to put it on while I worked from home, and I diffused Purification oil and Lemon oil as a combination – 10 drops of each.

Wow! My home suddenly turned into the most delightful place to be, and when my flatmate walked in, he couldn’t stop raving about how the house smelled incredible, clean and joyful!

If my home ever feels heavy now, I just put the diffuser on and the change is undeniable. This pic on the left is of the Aria diffuser….that’s the next one on my diffuser shopping list!

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