The Odour Experiment


Are you up for some fun and adventure? I’d love you to join me in a really exciting research experiment, to help satisfy my curiosity, and hopefully yours as well. I’m calling it “The Odour Experiment”.

The Odour Experiment will run for 5 weeks, to give you time to order in your products and participate in the experiment. Then I’ll collate the results, and will do a follow up bulletin in 6 -7 weeks from now.

Best of all, everyone who participates will be in the draw to win a 5ml bottle of Young Living Rose oil, valued at AUD $317.75 wholesale. Now that’s an odour I LOVE to smell on a regular basis! Did you know Rose oil has one of the highest frequencies of any essential oil, at 322 MHz? It resonates directly with our heart chakra, to carry us into a state of open heartedness and love.

Let’s take a look at how to enter the draw!

The Odour Experiment

To be part of this experiment, you will need two things – a tube of Dentarome Plus toothpaste, and one of Young Living’s underarm deodorants – you have the choice between Cinnafresh, Citraguard or Valor Deodorant.

Your task is incredibly simple.

  1. For the first week, use the deodorant under your left armpit, and Dentarome Plus toothpaste under your right armpit.
  2. For the second week, use Dentarome Plus toothpaste under your left armpit, and the deodorant under your right armpit. Easy!

Apply the product shortly after showering, and before your next shower take a sniff of both armpits and see which one(s) are completely odour free.

Make a note of your findings each day in a notepad. Also make a note of any other experiences you have with the products, eg. in terms of how it feels on your skin.

Why this experiment?

Well, for that I need to give you some history. When I first started ordering from Young Living, they were purely an essential oil company. They had a wonderful range of essential oil products and diffusers…but nothing else. And over the years, they began adding in oil-infused products. This started with Berry Young Juice, a pureed goji berry juice which was the pre-cursor to our NingXia Red today. Then they began releasing oil-infused shampoos and conditioners and bath & shower gels and more.

And then came our toothpastes. In those days we had 2 varieties to choose from – Dentarome and Dentarome Plus. I loved the Dentarome Plus because it was a little stronger in aroma (more essential oils in it), whereas children generally preferred the milder Dentarome toothpaste.

Then someone had a bright idea! Because Dentarome Plus contains essential oils and Bicarb of Soda (baking soda), why not use it under the arms as a natural underarm deodorant?

In those days we didn’t have any alternative deodorants other than simply using essential oils under our arms. Of course, I wrinkled up my nose at the thought of using toothpaste on my armpits.

And I very quickly learned that a very tiny amount goes a long, long way! Get a teensy dollop of Dentarome Plus toothpaste (half the size of your little fingernail), and that’s enough to do under both armpits. It spreads easily, and (in my opinion) is the most amazing underarm deodorant I’ve ever used. I’m a total convert!!!

I even have a bunch of farmers in Wagga Wagga absolutely swearing by it – it’s the only thing that keeps them smelling fresh all day, despite getting hot and sweaty around the farm. I hear the same thing from massage therapists, who can massage and sweat all day and not a single aroma can be detected from their underarms.


And because it contains Peppermint oil, it’s got those naturally cooling qualities of Peppermint oil. So it cools you down and hence you sweat less – like an anti-perspirant without any nasty ingredients. That’s why you don’t want to put too much under your armpit, otherwise it will feel like the Peppermint oil is biting you! Less is better.

It has a very simply formula – just Bicarb of Soda (baking soda), deionised water, vegetable glycerine, xanthan gum, ionic trace minerals, steviocide (Stevia rebaudiana), and the essential oils of Wintergreen, Peppermint and Thieves oil blend.

I’m hands-down sold on it…not to mention that it’s also great for pets, including dogs. It doesn’t contain Xylitol (which is toxic to dogs), so it’s a safe toothpaste to use on your dogs – both on their skin and in their mouth. Naturally, if using on your dogs, start with less and build up slowly, otherwise the intense taste and aroma may put them off!

I wouldn’t use it for my teeth, though. Since Dentarome Plus was released, we now have much more advanced formulas to use on the teeth, which are even more gentle on the teeth. So I use Thieves Whitening Toothpaste on my teeth, and Dentarome Plus under my armpits.

But why am I doing this experiment? It’s because Young Living has now released an amazing underarm deodorant, yet I still LOVE my Dentarome Plus. But hey, I might be biased….or maybe I just have a toothpaste fetish!!! So I want to know from you as to which one you prefer, and why.

About Young Living’s deodorants

All 3 deodorants contain the following ingredients: Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Beeswax, Arrowroot powder, Tapioca starch, Cocoa seed butter, Mango seed butter, Triethyl citrate, Safflower seed oil, Grapefruit extract, Sodium bicarbonate (ie. Bicarb of Soda), Black cumin seed oil, Zinc oxide, Tocopherol, Kaolin, Sodium caproyl/Lauroyl lactylate.

They also contain a signature blend of essential oils.

  • Cinnafresh contains the essential oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata, Rosemary and Sage
  • Citraguard contains the essential oils of Thyme, Geranium, Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Sage
  • Valor contains glycerin and the essential oils of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Camphor wood, Blue tansy, Frankincense and Geranium.

Check out this fabulous video about these deodorants, and why they are so state-of-the-art:

Join in the fun!

OK, now it’s your turn. Both the Young Living deodorants and the Dentarome Plus toothpaste are excellent….but which is your favourite? Here’s a summary of your instructions:

  • Week 1: Put the deodorant under your left armpit and the toothpaste under your right armpit
  • Week 2: Put the toothpaste under your left armpit and the deodorant under your right armpit
  • Before you wash them off each day, have a smell of each armpit and record your observations in a notebook.
  • Also record your general observations – what do you love about each product, and is there anything that you don’t love about it?
  • At the end of 2 weeks, send me a paragraph explaining which of the products was your favourite, and why (and why the other one came in second). Make sure you tell me which deodorant you used!

Send your paragraph to by 9th April. I’ll collate the replies and create a follow-up bulletin in the next 1-2 weeks. That will be so exciting to read everyone’s experiences!!!

Here’s how to order….

If you already have your own wholesale account with Young Living, you can order through the shopping cart on your virtual office, or via phone or live chat with your local Young Living office.

If it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve ordered, or if you’ve never set up an account, please reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living. You will need their member number when you place your first order.

If you have lost touch with them, or need any other assistance, we are here to help. Simply click on the button below, and we’ll be in touch to assist you and help answer your questions.

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