The Power of Creative Dreaming


I was always so inspired when I heard Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living, speaking about his night time adventures. Whenever he was searching for answers to a problem, he’d ask God for guidance….and sure enough, he’d be woken up at 2am sharp and told exactly what he needed to know or do. This happened over and over again.

Gary Young knew the secret to inspired dreaming!

Many of his amazing “discoveries” came from this intuitive knowledge given to him in the early hours of the morning through his dreams. Yet he also was very passionate about the power of dreaming – not just for inner guidance, but also to bring our personal dreams and heart-felt visions to life.

Jen Gallagher writes: Gary Young always kept a dream journal beside his bed, and he was big on talking about creative dreaming.


Before you go to bed, spend some time thinking about what brings you joy and passion, and uplifts your heart.

You can even draw this as pictures in your journal, or cut pics out of a magazine and stick them into your journal. This will stimulate answers in your dreams.


Then if you wake up during the night (or as soon as you wake up in the morning), write down whatever you remember. Your subconscious will talk to you through your dreams, so write it down!


I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about this before. If you can’t envision it, how can you possibly make it happen? Let’s say you are sharing Young Living with others, and you dream of reaching a particular income level. If you can’t picture what that’s like for you, how will you ever achieve it? You need to see it in order to believe it.
It’s like jumping in my car to drive from Brisbane to Perth. If I didn’t have a map, sure I’ll get there eventually…but the fastest way to get to Perth is to have a map, and put together a plan.

What’s your Dream?

Go and ask somebody, “What is your dream?”, and I’ll bet most people won’t have a clue, simply because they’ve never been asked that question before, or they’ve never thought about it.

So you need to be dreaming more. The more you dream it, the more power you give it.
Once you start dreaming, build bigger dreams. Often we don’t dream big enough. We think, ”Gee, it will be nice to pay off some bills, and get the house paid off.“ But what about after that? What is next?


Keep asking yourself “So if I had that, what’s next? And if I had that, what’s next? And if I had THAT, what’s next”. Follow that rainbow, and find the pot of Gold that’s at the end when you just keep asking yourself these questions.


This is where the dreams really start to happen, where we start to impact others’ lives, not just our own. What kind of world do you want to leave behind you? How would you like to leave the Planet for future generations?

These are the things we can build on. Now this to me is the key – have you ever been so excited that you feel butterflies in your stomach? Like when you fall in love and you just can’t wait to see that person, and you find you can’t eat or sleep and just can’t wait to talk to them?

Feel that amazing feeling of butterflies in your stomach because you are just so excited. Imagine having that for your dreams, imagine having that much excitement, creating the physical feeling of having that dream come true!

Take a “Believe Shower” several times a day

This is the next part of what Gary said that is so important – you have to see that dream complete. And your dreams will be proportional to the size of your self -belief. Fortunately we have an oil for that – it is called Believe.


Frances Fuller talks about having “Believe showers”. You get the oil, and you sprinkle it on the top of your head several times a day. And she calls this the “Believe Shower”. Try it! If you cannot feel those feelings for your own dreams, then use Believe oil and have Believe showers a few times a day.

Oils for Creative Dreaming

Make dreaming for success into a habit. This is not just a one-off thing that you do. It’s something you build into your life, you do it every day, you connect with it every day. If you don’t, then as soon as you hit that little bump in the road or that little U-turn that takes you back the other way, then you’ve gone off track and you’ve forgotten how to get back to your dream.

Here are the oils that Gary recommends we use with creative dreaming. 

1. Envision oil on the third eye
Your third eye is located at the lower centre of your forehead. Do this just before you go to bed at night, to stimulate your new dreams. I woke up this morning and I had a song playing in my mind. It was from Imagine Dragons, and the song was Whatever it Takes. I can feel the adrenaline in my veins that this song inspired, and I was ready to take on the world!2. Awaken oil on your temples
If you haven’t tried Awaken oil at night, give it a go because it awakens your dreams.

Awaken was the first oil I ever smelt. I’d never heard of Young Living at that stage, and Janet (who introduced me) had her whole kit there – 130 oils – and I walked over to it and picked up Awaken and smelt it. And I went, “Oh my gosh, I want this oil!!!” I knew straight away that it awakened something in me. I will be forever grateful to Gary for creating that oil, Janet for having her whole case there for me to smell, and to the universal energy which drew me to that oil. It was an instant awakening. So try that oil at night to awaken your dreams.

3. Dream Catcher oil on your pillow
This will help you capture those good dreams – to really feel the energy of what those dreams mean to you, and to stay connected with that energy. Remember, this is not a one-off thing. It’s something you purposefully work on, to keep your connection to your dreams strong….so do it every night.

Write in your Dream Journal every day 

I’ve already mentioned that Gary believed in having a journal. Journalling is so important.

Keep a beautiful journal and scribe your dreams and ideas into it every single day. Write it out, rather than typing it out – it’s that brain-hand coordination that locks it into the subconscious. And it’s this daily scribing that allows you to see what’s possible. It allows you to anchor into your dreams, to really believe that you deserve them, and to dream your vision bigger and BIGGER!

And if you’re struggling to feel any connection to this process, if that little voice in your mind is saying, “I don’t want to write stuff down, that doesn’t interest me”, then here’s a tip from Gary. He says:

Rub Motivation and En-R-Gee oil up your spine, and watch what happens! 

This combination of oils is absolutely amazing. I know it can be a bit difficult to put it onto your own back if you don’t have someone there, but I’m sure you’ll find a creative solution! I know you’ll love it.

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