The Power of ER


I’ve always been on the look-out for that ONE THING that was the Master Key to transformation on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

And let’s face it – we all have days when the sun isn’t shining as brightly. It’s on those days that we need some extra TLC and support, to shift ourselves into a brighter place. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, knew this. And when he first encountered therapeutic-grade essential oils and realised their difference from regular store-bought oils, he new he’d found the Missing Link he’d been searching for…and he wanted to bring that gift to the world.

But whilst Young Living’s essential oils can be used as needed for life’s ups and downs, there is sooooooo much more benefit to us when we incorporate them into our life on a daily basis. And that’s where Young Living’s oil-infused products come into their own light. They are the perfect way to bring the power of essential oils onto our skin and into our bodies throughout the day, to uplift us on every level possible. 

Young Living’s oil-infused products include skin care, makeup, a women’s and men’s range, natural cleaning products, personal care products, a culinary range, and specialty ranges for babies, children and animals. That’s a lot of different ways to allow Young Living to make a difference in your life, and a lot of different products to fall in love with

How to receive more products for your dollars…

Once you start on this journey, you will never want to go back to a life without the blessing of essential oils. And with your newly formed “oil addiction”, of course you’re going to want to be able to stretch your dollars to get as many products as possible. And this is where Essential Rewards makes perfect sense. 

Essential Rewards (or ER for short) is Young Living’s loyalty program. It is an optional program available to all wholesale members. 

If you’re not yet a wholesale member, talk to the person who introduced you to Young Living to find out how easy it is to switch over and save 24% on all your purchases. 

An brief overview of Essential Rewards

How Essential Rewards (ER) works

  1. Firstly, you need to register for the program, and you can do that on your virtual office. If you don’t know how to access your virtual office, reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living, or to your local Young Living office.
  2. Go to the tab on your virtual office that says “Monthly ER order” or “Essential Rewards” (each region has a slightly different website, so check with Young Living if you are unsure of how to find this button on your virtual office).
  3. Select a date in the month when you’d like your order to process.
  4. Then set up a template for 50PV or more worth of productsPV just stands for “point value”. In Australia, 50PV is equivalent to approximately $80 to $85 worth of product. If you live outside of Australia, your virtual office will show you how much this equates to in your currency. Your template can be updated as many times as you want in the month.
  5. On the date that you’ve selected, your order will process with whatever products are sitting on your template at that date.
  6. You earn 10% to 25% reward points on your monthly order. You earn 10% for the first 3 months on this program, then it jumps to 20% from month 4, and then it jumps again to 25% from month 25. You only earn these points on your monthly ER order, so if you put additional orders in during the month, you won’t earn points on these additional orders. Your reward points are placed into your account when your monthly order processes. You earn these reward points from your very first month on the program, and can start redeeming them after your second month’s order has processed. Points that have not been redeemed will expire after 12 months.
  7. Your reward points are like virtual dollars. Use them to purchase products that you need. This is done as a separate order (not part of your monthly ER order), and you just pay postage on this order (unless you are collecting it from Young Living’s office). Not all products in Young Living’s range are available for redemption using reward points, but most of them are.
  8. You are also eligible for the monthly FREE GIFTS that Young Living offers. These are called “PV promos”. When you spend 145PV or more in your monthly ER order, you receive complimentary products from Young Living included in your order. Check out your Virtual Office under “Member News” for the monthly PV promos. There is usually a 145PV, a 190PV, a 250PV and a 320PV (and sometimes also a 400PV) tier, each one bringing you more products for free. You don’t get to choose the products – Young Living has preselected them for the month.
  9. The ER program is optional. You can cancel at any time by contacting Young Living’s customer service. Just remember to redeem your reward points before you cancel. And when you do decide to rejoin, you will start on the 10% level again.

So how does this give you more products for your dollars? It’s because you earn 10% to 25% reward points on each monthly ER order, and you can use these reward points to purchase extra products that you need. And you are eligible for Young Living’s monthly PV promos…which gives you additional free products in your order. 


What we LOVE about this program….


Lou C. writes: Every month we purchase items that our family needs that previously we purchased from other places such as supermarkets, health food stores and chemists. 

The difference is that now we receive all these amazing products that are so much better for us PLUS we earn loyalty points far better than any other loyalty scheme at the supermarket etc. 

PLUS we receive free gifts for purchasing from YL! Win! Win ! Win!


Adam J. writes: I think the most poignant thing about the ER program for me would be the Monthly PV Promo gifts. 

The monthly PV specials that I receive as free gifts from Young Living seem to be (intuitively) items that I either needed, or had never thought of trying but which have enhanced my life or added value to my day in some amazing way.


Sasha J. writes: I LOVE getting products I haven’t tried before. They were not in my priority list, but when you get them they’re essential. For example, the Deep Relief Roll-on that’s part of this month’s PV special in the AU/NZ market. 

Often, these are products that I wasn’t going to try for a while. But I can see how handy they are now! And the presentation is just 


Jenni C. writes: I love using my reward points to purchase the more prized oils like Helichrysum and Sacred Frankincense. I also get my skin care this way. It’s such a treat, and a gorgeous “thank you” from Young LivingI also love getting “presents” of exciting stuff all the time with the monthly PV specials!! 

I love and totally live the whole low-tox approach, so it makes sense to order everything from one trusted place. I trust Young Living as they care about our health, and the health of our planet. It’s a no brainer on all fronts.

Georgia L. writes: What I love about Essential Rewards is that over time you can build up your reward points and get free products, simply because you order every month. 

I tend to use my reward points for the more pricey oils and products, or if i want to try something new. 

Essential Rewards can start from 50PV a month (which is about AU $80 a month). This is very achievable when you realise how big a range of everyday products Young Living has – it’s so easy to find products to add to your order. And you can build it up as you go if you are a newbie.

Alycia D. writes: 

What I love about essential rewards is I’m already getting monthly supplies of the products I need. But now I get extra gifts for my loyalty. 

I feel a lot of companies now don’t care about loyalty. I’m new to Young Living this year, and I’m loving everything about it.


Bindi T. writes: I love that we get all our family’s personal care products including my skincare and makeup, cleaning products, supplements and wellness support essential oils from one place, delivered! It’s so convenient!





Fiona K. writes: 

I love that I don’t have to remember to put my monthly order in. It sits on my Virtual Office as a template, and I can pop on and update it at any time, whenever I think of anything else that I need. Then on the ordering day it just happens!



Keen to know more? 

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