The Power of Release


some months are just really powerful, aren’t they? I’ve had one of those months, where I’ve faced challenge after challenge. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not been all bad. There have been plenty of amazing things as well. But the challenges have been numerous, and both little and HUGE! And just when I think I’ve reached my limit, the next challenge has been put on my shoulders. I so understand that feeling of the camel under the weight of a million straws!

I’m away this week at a Sound Healing Retreat, filling my own cup. So I’ve asked Sophie (our right hand woman here at The Oil Temple) if she’d share with you an oil that has had a profound effect on her recently….and boy, has she chosen a great one!

This oil is so incredible, it’s become a favourite not only for many people going through challenging times, but even for some horses I know. (Yep, horses love oils too!).

If you’ve ever read my story about Sheba, you’ll know that she fell in love with this oil so much, she used to lick it out of her owner’s hands as if it were lolly-water.

It’s definitely an oil to add into your toolkit for those times when life throws you curved balls, and you just need to let go! You know the saying, “When life throws you lemons, learn to make lemonade”. Enjoy!

The Power of Release

We had a powerful full moon this week, did you feel it?

As we know, full moons are about letting go, and a pathway to evolve forward. They allow us to feel into the energies that we want to release, the ones that don’t represent who we are at our core. To peer into the subconscious and find our emotional triggers, the origins of our reactions, and our judgments. Under the Moon’s light, we can see and feel any energies that may be blocking our highest potential, transform them, and release them.

If you are lucky enough to spend time in mindful communities, you will hear the phrase “release” or “let go” used quite frequently. The practice of letting go is used to support our acceptance of the way things are, and I believe it’s a cornerstone of creating a happy, full life.

But what happens when you’re being asked to let go of something that is deeply emotionally charged or something that directly relates to how you identify yourself? Some attachments are so deeply woven into the fibre of our beings they seem almost impossible to let go…

This month, during my visit back to the UK to see my family, my Mum had an accident. 

Whilst tidying up the toys in the garden after a day with the grandchildren, she suffered a fall, which led to her needing surgery. And just like that, my 4-week holiday turned into a 3 month stay, to help care for her, and nurse her back to health.

Needless to say, the conversations that followed were big, heavy ones. Where do we go from here? What does life look like now?

Whilst ageing is an inevitable fact of life, many of us do not consider what the implications of getting older will be on our parents’ independence. No matter what our age, we tend to see our parents through the experiences of our childhood. 

They are the loved ones that taught us how to ride a bike, cooked our meals and helped with homework. We remember them as the ones we turned to when we wanted advice or a helping hand, even when we reach adulthood ourselves.

That’s why it can be so difficult to accept that our parents need caring for when they reach their later years. It can be a shock to accept that the strong figures in our lives are also vulnerable and it can remind us that we too are getting older.

Since Mum’s accident, I’ve sort of neglected my spiritual practice. Knowing there was work to do, but avoiding the pain of it at all costs.

That was, until the full moon arrived; its celestial glow suddenly shedding light on my darkness, marking a time of endings, release and giving me the opportunity to see things more clearly. And so that night, on August 1st, I decided to dive in to the spiritual “shedding” and spend some time alone with my journal, to write down all that I felt ready to release.

And I tried, I really did. But even with my prior experience of letting go, it seemed impossible to know where to begin. How do you let go, when what you’re letting go of is an essential piece of your heart, soul, and identity?

My mind wandered. I couldn’t sit still. I longed to fall asleep. I had too many noisy thoughts. 

Just when I was about to give up, I was guided to reach for my oils. And instinctively, the oil blend I chose was Release.

If you haven’t used it before, Release oil combines a blend of uplifting, calming oils that are said to stimulate a sense of inner peace… which in turn facilitates the ability to release anger and frustration.

I have had a couple of people tell me that they feel the urge to talk and unload about whatever is bothering them whenever they use Release oil. So it just seemed like an obvious choice for the Full Moon.

Without much thought, I placed 3-4 drops of Release oil blend over my liver and closed my eyes, suddenly overcome with a feeling that my Surrender didn’t have to be perfect, and simply doing my best was enough. 

My breathing slowed. I imagined a thick cloud of deep relaxation spreading from the inside of my eyelids, floating down through my mind, coming to rest in the centre of my chest, bringing steadiness to my breath.

And then I was looking inward. Feeling my mind open as I examined my feelings, beginning to sort through each worrisome thought. I chose each one individually, picking them up in my hands; some heavy, others light and clumsy. 

I took a moment to thank them, knowing that at one point in time those thoughts served me in some way. And finally, I acknowledged that they were no longer relevant or helpful to me anymore. Their time had passed…

Letting go means accepting the things you can’t change. 

It means choosing your battles; knowing what’s worth fighting for and what is not. It means giving the future a chance, choosing the unknown. It means strength in weak moments, confidence in cloudy weather and positive attitude in an unfortunate situation. 

Letting go means having trust that things will get better. It means being brave to move forwards to get to where you want to be.

Letting go means challenging ourselves, and each other. It means doing things we’re not comfortable with. It means doing things differently and doing different things. It means asking for help. It means saying “no” or “I can’t.”

It means being kind when we’re hurt. It means being understanding when we can’t see the point. It means having faith when our minds are clouded with doubt and it means being loving when our hearts are on fire. It means dancing when we can’t hear the music and singing even if we don’t understand the lyrics. It means going with the flow, but still painting your own reality.

The human spirit has the capacity to overcome almost anything. When we let go of the thought that we can’t heal from something that has deeply wounded us, we open ourselves up to the growth potential this event holds.

It might take a lot of time and deep soulful work on our part. But healing from these types of wounds can be the most transformative and powerful things we do in our lives.

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