The real problem with our food today


I have a confession to make. When Young Living’s Master Formula Essential reached our Australian and New Zealand market, I didn’t rush out and buy it. I was so busy thinking “I’ve got all my bases covered with Mineral Essence and NingXia Red – I don’t need anything more”.

I didn’t realise that this is a completely different formulation to the Master Formula capsules available through the US and EU markets. Those are great products – don’t get me wrong! But this is in an entirely different ballpark. It was created for the Australia Pacific (APAC) market, and it’s not available in Young Living’s EU and US markets. But if you live in those regions, you may have friends in APAC, so I still wanted to share the information with you.

When I was away last week enjoying some time out in the Blue Mountains with my sister and some of our Young Living friends, the conversation turned to Master Formula Essential. I was so excited by what I heard, that I have it on my next order. But I also felt sooooooo inspired , that I wanted to share this with you, too.


The real problem with our food today

When our parents and grandparents were growing up, good health was a lot simpler than it is today. It boiled down to three important ingredients:

  1. Get enough rest
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Eat healthy foods

Whilst the first two still apply to us today, the third one is questionable. Why? Because you can buy the most beautiful organic wholefoods for your family, and still be missing out.

This is the result of changes in our soil. We call this “Soil Depletion”. 

Where our soils used to be rich in minerals, now their nutrient profile is slowly and steadily being eroded away. This is the result of the way in which our modern agricultural practices are focussed on improving the size, growth rate and pest resistance of our plants.

But in turn, it means we end up with produce that is low in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C.

Check out this study, done by the US Department of Agriculture. It’s based on nutritional data from both 1950 and 1999, for 43 different vegetables and fruit!

So we can no longer rely on our food alone to supply our body with the nutrients it needs for peak health.

Medical Research Council, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Foods & the Royal Society of Chemistry (1991)

I don’t know about you, but I know that life is too short to spend time being unwell and low in energy. So I’ve always valued the food and supplements I consume, seeing them as some of the most vital ingredients in a holistic and healthy lifestyle. They are not luxuries to me – they are essentials.

Fletcher and Fairfield published a paper in JAMA (287, 3127-3129, 2002), where they concluded that most people are not consuming an optimal amount of vitamins from diet alone, and therefore supplementation is necessary.


So let’s take a look at the core vitamins we need

  • Vitamin A – needed for normal vision; helps support the immune and reproductive systems + normal functioning of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs.
  • Vitamin B – most B vitamins work as coenzymes, helping to trigger important chemical reactions. It directly impacts our energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism, helping to prevent infections and support healthy cells.
  • Vitamin C – this water-soluble vitamin works as a natural antioxidant, helping to protect our cells from free radical-induced damage. It also is needed in order for our body to make its own collagen, and to assist in iron absorption from plant-based foods like leafy greens.
  • Vitamin D – this fat-soluble vitamin aids our body with calcium absorption, necessary for building strong bones and teeth. It’s an essential nutrient for our immune system, helping us to resist infection. And it also supports both muscle and nerve function. 

So how DO you get your micronutrients, if not from food?

It’s easy! You run down to your local health food store, buy a bottle of multivitamins, and you’re set, right?

Wrong. Not all vitamins are created equal. Wouldn’t you rather ensure you get the best value for money possible? You want something that works really well, and is cost effective, too.

That’s where Young Living’s Master Formula Essential comes in. It’s not like any other food you’ve ever had.

Wait!!! Hang on Artemis, you were saying we can’t get all our vitamins and minerals from food sources?

Well, that’s both true and not true. Have I got your attention? When natural (and essential) vitamins and minerals from food sources are encapsulated in a liposomal delivery system, it increases the vitamin absorption rate to more than 200%!!!

And have you ever heard that taking Vitamin C is useless, because you lose everything you don’t use in your urine? Well, that’s true with normal Vitamin C. But when that Vitamin C is liposome-encapsulated, not only do you absorb so much more, but it actually stays in your blood for more than 8 hours!

So what is Liposomal Encapsulation?

Liposomes are small sacs consisting of a water-based core (in which your water-soluble vitamins are dissolved), enclosed in a double phospholipid layer (which is where your fat-soluble vitamins are stored). In this context, it’s a carrier vessel for your vitamins and minerals, to ensure they get delivered to your cells in the ultimate way, so that you get the ultimate bioavailability from your food or supplement.

When it’s first ingested, the double phospholipid layer protects the contents from oxidation and other chemical reactions. And once the liposome reaches the cell, the double phospholipid layer fuses with the cell membrane. This helps the active ingredients absorb into the cell so much more effectively.


Why Master Formula Essential?

Master Formula Essential is a liquid, nutrient-rich multivitamin, and the perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle. It contains micro-emulsified vitamins and minerals, along with food-based nutrients from a blend of high antioxidant fruit juices.


  • It’s a tasty liquid multivitamin delivered in single serve sachets, containing both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals
  • It’s more stable, and the nutrients are much more bioavailable
  • It contains a concentrated fruit juice blend with plenty of B Vitamins
  • And being a natural fruit juice, it’s a great source of energy – perfect to use before or after exercise

And just as important as its benefits are the things it doesn’t have:

  • NO artificial flavours
  • NO artificial colours
  • Micro-emulsified for better absorption


Master Formula Essential contains: water, 27% fruit juice concentrate (Grape, Dark sweet cherry, Purple carrot, Cranberry), Wolfberry fruit liquid extract, Sweetener (Erythritol, Steviol glycosides), Thickener (Gum Arabic), Minerals (Calcium and Magnesium), Antioxidants (Citric acid and Sodium ascorbate), Emulsifiers (Sunflower lecithin, Xanthan gum), Vitamins (C, Niacin = B3, Pantothenic acid = B5, B6, B1, B12, B2, D, Biotin), Preservative (Sodium benzonate), Organic lemon peel extract, Natural Colour (Carotene), Natural Flavours (Ginger, Lemon and Tangerine essential oil).

How to use:

Drink 1 sachet a day – and remember to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Why we love Master Formula Essential….

Kylie B. writes: Master Formula Essential has been a game changer for me. I love staying incredibly busy, and this little sachet of magic gives me such a boost that I really can’t take it after 3pm or it will keep me up at night! I used to order Young Living’s Super B and Super C from the USA, but there’s no need anymore. And because of its 8 hour increased bioavailability, I find it so much more effective.

If you get tired and are pushing yourself through the day, give this a go!

Sam G. writes: Master Formula Essential has been my go-to for the energy I seem to lose towards the end of the week. I’ve been keeping these in my car to have on my way to work, or I’ll add it into my NingXia Red in the morning. I love that the energy it gives me is sustainable, without the edgy feeling I get from other B supplements I’ve tried before. I’ve been listening to my body more and getting to know what it needs, and I LOVE this stuff!!!

Kerry S. writes: I needed a “pick me up” so that I could work full time and teach up to 8 classes a week. This was recommended to me by Alycia.

I thought, “How does one small sachet make a difference?” But ok, it was worth a try. WOW – oh my goodness. It’s like a magic power potion that makes me feel energised, and I feel an instant spring in my step.

It tastes great, and I down it straight from the sachet just before class. If you haven’t tried it, you must! It’s packed full of antioxidants and vitamins – exactly what our body most needs.


Gina M. writes: You know when you start taking something and you feel great, but then you run out and feel like…well….let’s just say, ‘not great’ and you decide that you NEVER EVER want to run out again?

I honestly am in love with our Master Formula Essential. I take one around mid-morning, and now I can get through the afternoon and evening with energy and focus.

I work a job, am a taxi Mum and driving instructor to my teens, I home-school and I am passionately growing my Young Living business…. I function sooooo much better with my Master Formula. It’s been a game changer for me.


Tanya J. writes: I’m a self-confessed exercise junkie, and Master Formula Essential is amazing to help my body keep up with my enthusiastic mind.

It tastes amazing on its own, but I’ve been adding it to my water bottle along with NingXia Red, MegaCal, 5 x Sulfurzyme capsules (emptied into the mix) and Grapefruit oil for an added taste boost. 

This combination replenishes my body during the morning, and gets much needed hydration into my body. I breeze through the day now, and my sweet cravings have reduced too.

Artemis adds: I’ve heard this from quite a few people, and I’ve also witnessed it myself. When we have sweet cravings, often it’s our body’s way of crying out for more nutrients. Instead of reaching for that sweet, reach for your NingXia Red, Master Formula Essential or Mineral Essence. Feed your body what it really needs.

Kristy Anne W. writes: My first experience with Master Formula Essential was when I got given a sachet in my gift bag from Kylie. I must admit I was taken aback by the fact that it was a liquid – I wasn’t sure what to think. I ordered a box in my July Essential Rewards order, and haven’t missed a month since. I like to take mine straight from the freezer with a few almonds or brazil nuts.

I usually take it in the morning, and I find that I have more energy and I’m glad it can replace other supplements that aren’t currently available in Australia. Thank you Young Living Australia for launching it here!!!

Shen P. writes: This is my go-to treat after lunch!! It keeps me powering through until the end of my working shift. In fact, I can’t do without it! I absolutely love the taste too. And sometimes I’ll mix it up with some Ningxia Red and Black seed oil….wow!

How to Order…

If you have a wholesale account with Young Living, order through the shopping cart on your virtual office, or via phone with your local Young Living office.

If it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve ordered, or you’ve never set up an account, reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living. You’ll need their member number when you place your first order.

If you’ve lost touch with them, or need assistance, we’re here to help. Click on the button below, and we’ll be in touch to help answer your questions.

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