Turn back the hands on the clock…& your hands!


I often look at my own hands, and notice the age spots creeping in….you’ve seen them, I’m sure. They start out as faint blemishes on the hands, then over time they become more numerous and darken.

As I watch my hands tell my age, I figure it’s time for a good detox. I’m approaching this in 2 ways – I’m nurturing and scrubbing from the outside, and I’m cleansing and detoxing from the inside.

In this week’s bulletin I’m going to talk about nurturing, with 2 great tips from Trish Burrows of ways to rejuvenate your skin and lips, and keep them looking young.

In next week’s bulletin, I’ll cover the topic of cleansing your body from the inside out.

Trish Burrows’ Hand and Body Scrub


• 15 drops Young Living Lemon oil in a 50 ml glass or PET plastic jar
• 2 tablespoons of pure Celtic sea salt
• top up with avocado oil

Trish Burrows writes:

I use this scrub three times a day. I also put the Young Living 50 SPF Mineral Sunscreen over the top, because of the Lemon oil being photosensitive.

It took about 10 days, and the appearance of age spots was greatly reduced!!! I didn’t even finish the jar in that time!

Rose Ointment secret tip!!!

Trish Burrows writes: I also use the Young Living Rose ointment for my cuticles and lips.

In the past I’ve made up my own cuticle oils and creams using the Young Living oils, but the Rose ointment is by far the best!

I’ve been using the Young Living Lip Balms for 10 years, and they’ve been great and feel really nice on the lips. But I believe in swapping things around, so I decided to use the Rose Ointment on my lips instead, and it’s been a really nice change.

I put the Rose ointment on in the morning before applying my lipstick, and again before bed. Applying it twice a day like this has been excellent for moisturizing my lips and keeping that definition at the edge of the lips (ie. the lip line).

I’ve also found it fantastic to use as a primer on the lips. After putting the Rose Ointment on, I then use my Savvy Foundation Brush to apply a little Savvy Minerals Foundation to my lips, then I apply a coat of the Savvy Minerals lipstick over the top.


I find that by doing this, the Lipstick colour lasts twice or three times as long, and my lips feel really moisturised throughout the day. Applying the lipstick over the Foundation also seems to bring out the colour in the lipstick more.

As the weather gets cooler I find I don’t have to reapply the Rose Ointment as often as with other commercial brands. And unlike a lot of products out there, we can trust all of the Young Living Lip Balms (including Rose Ointment) to NOT interfere with the natural process of moisturizing this delicate area of the face.

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