What oil would you use for an out of the body experience?


In November 1998, I had the privilege of meeting Gary Young (the founder of Young Living) for the first time. Young Living was formed in 1994, and this was his first trip to Australia.

As I sat in the audience and listened to Gary’s passion and knowledge, I became more and more excited. At that time I had my own spiritual and emotional therapy practice, and was always looking for tools of transformation to help myself and my clients.

I’d already had many WOW experiences with the Young Living oils in the 2 months I’d been a member, but meeting Gary took this to another level. He offered scientific explanation and credibility for the amazing things I was experiencing. Little did I know that I was about to follow this man around the world, learning from him at every opportunity.

Sometimes we don’t know what lies ahead of us, and I am eternally grateful to have met Gary and his beautiful wife Mary, and shared such precious time with them both. 

What oil would you use for an out of body experience?

The more I have explored the Young Living oils, the more I have come to understand that we are part of a bigger picture. We don’t always have the perfect oil for a perfect situation….so sometimes we need to adapt, and use the oil that we do have. And through doing that, and listening to our intuition and guidance, we make discoveries. And with every discovery, we help to bring ancient knowledge and wisdom back to humanity.

Even though Gary is no longer in his physical body, I know he watches over us. So many members have come to me with their heart-warming “Gary experiences”. Don’t be surprised if he visits you one day!

If this sounds a bit far fetched, I want to share with you a personal story. In September 2019, I flew over to Young Living’s European Convention in Brussels. 

As I was checking into my hotel, who should be there but a fellow Diamond from the US. It turns out our hotel rooms were across the corridor from each other, and she invited me to drop by. I’d just flown halfway around the world, and I walked into her hotel room at the precise moment she was receiving news about the daughter of a friend in the US. This young girl was in a spot of trouble, and was feeling incredibly “out of body”.

I’m sure you’ve had that experience before – where something happens to jolt your senses or frighten you, and you lose touch with your physical body for a bit? You can be walking around and talking like normal, but you just don’t feel like yourself. You literally feel “spaced out”.

I offered to do a meditation, but wanted to ground myself first with some food. So I left the hotel room, and started walking down the corridor.

All of a sudden Gary Young came to me with such power and urgency that I had no doubt at all that he was communicating with me. 

“Ginger oil!” Gary said very loudly, “Tell them to put Ginger oil on her!!!

I spun around in the corridor, and went back and gave them this message.

Half an hour later, I meditated on this young woman and, because I wasn’t able to physically be there with her, I visualised myself putting Ginger oil on her. I always prefer to use oils physically on the body, but sometimes we don’t have that luxury and we need to use them through intention. 

Shortly after my meditation, we checked in and received word that she was feeling much improved, and grounded in her body again.

Why would Gary suggest Ginger oil?

So this got me really fascinated. Ginger oil! Why Ginger?

My memory banks tell me that Ginger oil (or Ginger Plus oil if you’re in EU/UK, or Ginger Vitality oil if you’re in the US) is a wonderful culinary oil – perfect for flavouring food and beverages. And my gut tells me it’s warming to the body as well – perfect for those cold winter days….and a quick check in my reference books confirm this.

But I must be missing something. There must be so much more to this oil than meets the eye….so I began investigating. I found lots and lots of fascinating information on Ginger oil, but amidst it were these gems of wisdom:

Ginger root (which is the part of the plant that the oil comes from) is dried and used as a major restorative of the body’s yang energy, according to Ancient Chinese wisdom. Our yang energy is our masculine or “doing” energy…and as such, it is a very grounded and revitalising energy.

It’s warming and stimulating, and as such can be used to counteract overall fatigue as well as muscular tiredness.

It’s even reputed to be a sexual tonic, improving ones virility! If the body is tired, try Ginger oil and see what happens! And you won’t only experience a sexual uplift…

According to Gabriel Mojay in Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, Ginger oil can “help to boost confidence and morale, particularly in those with poor vitality.” It’s recommended for those who procrastinate! I’m sure you know someone who fits into that category.

I continued reading Gabriel Mojay’s words of wisdom, and came across the gem I was looking for:

“For people who are frequently disconnected from their physical body, Ginger oil is the ideal catalyst of the Will (Zhi), invoking and enhancing their vital fire.”

So there we have it – Ginger oil to the rescue whenever you feel that your Spirit has disconnected from your physical body, and you are walking around like a Zombie in a horror film.

A taste of Science

And of course, being the Science Geek that I am, I had to check out my favourite scientific references. There were heaps of great research articles on the web….but this one in particular caught my eye…

Scientists were studying the effect of Ginger essential oil on feelings of wellbeing¹ .

They used both inhalation and topical application, and noticed that the people who received Ginger oil noticed a significant “activating effect” from the oil.

Don’t you just love how Science can back up what we already know to be true? So cool!!!

1. Influence of Essential Ginger Oil on Human Psychophysiology after Inhalation and Dermal Application, by Iris Stappen, Anna-Sofie Hoelzl, Olivera Randielovic and Juergen Wanner. Natural Product Communications 2016 Oct;11(10):1569-1578.

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