What’s all the fuss about Instagram & Essential Oils?


I’ll admit, I was probably one of the last adopters of Facebook on the Planet (well, almost!). I finally succumbed to the social media frenzy in 2015, and found one thing I absolutely love! I can post pictures and short videos of my adventures, of oily tips, and of other things close to my heart.

It’s actually a really wonderful medium for communication, because of its visual component.

So what’s all the fuss about Instagram?

Facebook began in 2004, whereas Instagram was founded in 2010. Where Facebook makes the written word an important part of its communication, Instagram is more focussed on photos and videos. Yes, you can click on a photo and read some text that goes with it…but it’s the visuals that are the Queen (or King) of Instagram.

If you have a creative bone in your body (and I’m certain that you do!), Instagram allows you take photos and videos with your phone, and do some simple filtering and cropping in order to create something magnificent and eye-catching.

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Did you know? 

So what does this have to do with Essential Oils?

Everything! Instagram is about everything you can imagine. When a post is put onto Instagram, hashtags are typically used in order to define the categories of that post. That means that as an Instagram user, you can pop onto Instagram and search on your favourite hashtags to find heaps of fun and wonderful information.

It’s a bit of a jungle out there in Social Media land, so being seen and heard is part of the fun.

Instagram gives birth to a new “baby” (meaning a new feature on its platform), and suddenly anyone using that feature is given more exposure than someone who isn’t.

Reels are a great example.

You might have heard of Instagram Stories. These have been extremely popular. They’re short video clips or photos posted onto Instagram, which only stay live for 24 hours then disappear. Talk about creating FOMO (fear of missing out!).

Reels have a slightly different angle. They are video clips of 30 seconds or less, usually with captions and music, and they stay up permanently in the Reels tab on your Instagram. They are designed to be fun and entertaining.

Reels are a fabulous way to document simple uses of essential oils!!! So as you can imagine, we’re hot under the pump creating Reels and Reels of footage right now, of lots of fun ways to use essential oils.

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Whether or not you ever intend to create your own photos on Instagram for others to enjoy, Instagram is a great platform where you can have heaps of fun following other people. You can view it on your phone, or on your computer or ipad/tablet (for those who prefer a bigger screen).

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What you’ll see below is called an Instagram “grid”. It’s like the home page of someone’s website. So when you visit our Instagram account (ie. our home page) and see images like this, you can click on any of the pictures and it will open up and you’ll find a short description to go with the image – it might be a recipe, a tip, a bit of news. And if you click “Follow” at the top of the page, it means our pics will flow into your Instagram feed (just like a Facebook feed).


Now, I have a secret to tell you….

You may be aware that my beautiful assistant Star has decided to move on to other adventures, including following her passion for videography and photography.

Whilst I’m incredibly sad to see her go, I’ve just been blessed this week to hire two amazing women to fill Star’s giant shoes.

One is Sophie, who’ll be helping me to run events and provide exceptional support to my Young Living team. You’ll get to meet her in a future bulletin.

And I have another amazing young woman, Rose (pictured here) who has joined me as part of our behind-the-scenes team at The Oil Temple and Raw Divinity.

Rose does videography and product photography. She has a Bachelor of Screen Production, so you can expect to see some simple, quirky, funny, authentic, and absolutely stunning images coming through on our Instagram grid in the coming weeks. She’s a little bit shy, so I was very lucky to get this shot of her today as we were doing some filming!!!

And just in case you were wondering, yes, my oils bulletins will continue to flow through to your inbox each week. But I also look forward to catching you on Insta!!! Feeling excited? I sure am!!!! Now it’s time to take the plunge….

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