What’s your cleaning fetish?


I confess that I have a cleaning fetish. It’s not that my house is always immaculate…it’s just that I love it when my house is immaculate, and I’m really picky about cleanliness in my home. Yesterday I had guests coming to stay, and instead of doing a whole lot of other important things, I was running around making the house look and feel super clean and yum! I couldn’t bear the thought of them turning up to an unclean house.

If you’ve been raised in a world of “germs” and “bugs”, then it’s quite understandable that you want your surfaces (including your toilet and mirrors) to be spotless and clean.

How often do you walk into a public toilet and judge its cleanliness by the surrounds?

When there are urine spots and grime on the tiles, bits of discarded toilet paper on the floor, hardened poop smears down the toilet bowl, and streaks of who knows what down the mirrors….don’t you just want to cringe? I know I do!

So I really understand the temptation to use the store-bought window cleaners on the windows, and those fancy blue toilet cleaners and a good scrubbing brush down the toilet.

We’ve been taught to associate those colours and smells with a really clean toilet and bathroom!!!

But unfortunately, that’s 100% chemicals that we are using!!!

We know by now that those chemicals are bad not only for our own health, but for all of our guests who wander into our bathroom and toilet, including our children and animals. Yet in addition to the impact on human health, these chemicals are having a devastating effect on our environment.

So how do we achieve that squeaky clean appearance, naturally? Well, here are two very simple things you can do, which will make a huge difference to your bathroom habits. I want to thank Trish Burrows for these fantastic tips!

Make your own Glass Cleaner!!!
It really works!

Trish Burrows writes: 

I got into the Make & Takes by necessity – I was diagnosed with chemical sensitivities back around 2014/2015, and they were playing havoc with my health.

I even ended up with anaphylactic shock from cleaning my house, and got carted away in an ambulance!!!



I attended Melissa Poepping’s class in Brisbane, and that’s when I made the connection and realized I’d cleaned my house that mornings….with chemicals!!!

I came home and swapped everything out! In fact, I filled up two rubbish bins with my chemicals!!!

In the past I loved my blue toilet water, I loved my bleach, I wanted things clean. I had 9 different brands of window cleaner…because I was always looking for the perfect window cleaner.

I didn’t imagine that Thieves Household Cleaner could do the same thing.

I made up 1 cap (10 ml) of Thieves Household Cleaner into 250ml of distilled water, and cleaned my windows and mirrors with not one streak!!!

I was amazed at the results, because I have a window fetish. I’m really fussy with my windows. I hate streaks, and I was amazed that something so simple and natural was so effective.

Note from Artemis: These pics above are compliments of Adele Jackson and show the effects of Thieves Household Cleaner on an oven door. The change is so dramatic – it’s wonderful to know this is achieved with a 100% plant based product!!!!

Trish Burrow’s Toilet Bomb Recipe

Trish Burrows writes: In the past, whenever I saw anything advertised on TV, I wanted to try it. This was especially to do with cleaning, and blue toilet water. But now I love to make my own toilet bombs. At least I know they are natural and healthy, and won’t silently harm me or my family.

When dropped into the toilet bowl, these toilet bombs start to fizz. They also look really lovely as part of the bathroom decoration (see pic below).


• 1 and 1/3 cup baking soda

• 1/2 cup citric acid (this is a low-strength acid that exists naturally in fruits like lemons and oranges

• 30 drops Young Living Lavender oil

• 30 drops Young Living Peppermint oil

• 30 drops Young Living Lemon oil

• silicone moulds

• medical masks

Note: When working with citric acid and baking soda in this fine powder form, it’s recommended that you wear a face mask.

How to make your own Toilet Bombs:

  1. Mix the Baking Soda and Citric acid together.
  2. Place your essential oils into a spray bottle, and spray a little on the dry soda mix.
  3. You want to save the fizz for the toilet, so it’s important to slowly add the oils, mixing well.
  4. If more moisture is needed, you can add a little water to the spray bottle and dampen gently.
  5. Divide into moulds and let stand for 6-8 hours to harden.

Depending on the size of the Silicone moulds, you should get approximately 24 toilet bombs from this recipe.

Not only do these toilet bombs smell amazing, the citric acid and baking soda help deodorize the toilet and kill bacteria (including the odour-causing ones), as well as keeping the toilet bowl clean!


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