Your 14-Day RESET prep starts now!


Here’s your checklist:

Are you in the draw to win a year’s supply of NingXia Red?

To be in the draw, make sure you have completed BOTH steps 1 and 2 below:

STEP 1: Email us to tell us you are IN

If you are receiving this email directly from then we already have you in the draw! If someone has forwarded this email to you, please reach out to us here so we can enter you into the draw.

STEP 2: Share your experiences with us at the end of the challenge.

You can do this in one of 3 ways:

  1. By completing the 14 Day RESET Daily Checklist, OR
  2. By sharing your Body Measurement Tracker (for Women or for Men), OR
  3. Sending us a testimonial of your results with before and after pics or videos to:

We’ll be drawing the winner at the end of June and will announce the winner in our 4th July Oil Temple bulletin!

How does the 14 day RESET work?

It’s so easy!

  • Days 1 to 3 – drink 6 sachets (360ml) of NingXia Red per day (ideally 120ml, 3 times a day)
  • Days 4 to 14 – drink 3 sachets (180ml) of NingXia Red per day (ideally 60ml, 3 times a day)
  • Do at least 30 minutes of exercise or body movement each day
  • Follow a healthy eating plan, avoiding processed foods and alcohol.

The 14 day RESET facebook group contains great tips and optional recipes for many different eating styles. Check it out – there’s paleo, keto, plant-based/vegan, no processed sugars, intermittent fasting, GAPS and much more. 

To find these as well as FOODS TO BE AVOIDED during the 14 day RESET, you will first need to be accepted to the 14 day RESET facebook group, and then click here for that information. 

Love drinking your NingXia Red in the form of the Red Drink?

It’s easy to adapt the 14 day RESET to your regular Red Drink rhythms. Simply add 60ml NingXia Red to each Red Drink (instead of 30ml), AND:

  • Days 1 to 3 – have an extra 4 sachets spread throughout the day (ie. an extra 240ml)
  • Days 4 to 14 – have an extra 1 sachet spread throughout the day (ie. an extra 60ml)

So, are you ready to embark on this incredible adventure together? Remember that this RESET isn’t about perfection, it’s about making small changes that will have a HUGE impact on your health, both now and in the future. Let’s get healthier, support one another, and thrive as a community!

How to order your NingXia Red:

If you already have your own wholesale account with Young Living, you can order through the shopping cart on your virtual office, or via phone or live chat with your local Young Living office.

If it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve ordered, or if you’ve never set up an account, please reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living.

You will need their member number when you place your first order.

If you have lost touch with them, or need any other assistance, we are here to help. Simply click on the button below, and we’ll be in touch to assist you and help answer your questions.