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If you are thinking essential oils are just a pretty smell – something you can use in an oil burner or in a relaxing massage – think again! Essential oils are the way of the future, able to impact in a profoundly “intelligent” way on body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Why does Dr. Daniel Penoel, M.D. (in his book “Natural Home Health Care using Essential Oils”) describe essential oils as acting with a “God-like intelligence”?

The answer is simple.

From the first moment you inhale an essential oil, it is sending signals to the limbic region of your brain (your subconscious). This is where you store emotions and memory, and it’s also the part of your brain responsible for spiritual experiences.

So essential oils help to reconnect you to your Inner Self. They are emotionally “regulating”, helping to calm and soothe, or uplift and invigorate, depending on what you need at that moment. This is why they appear so intelligent in their action.

Yet essential oils do so much more than this! They also invigorate our brain, helping us focus and retain information the way our brains were intended to operate!

They also absorb through our skin, helping to rejuvenate us from the inside out, at the same time bringing uplifting our frequency so that we can optimize our physical health. Certain essential oils can even be used to flavor your food and beverages, adding a whole new dimension to the flavours you create.

Essential oils truly are nature’s magic in a bottle, and the most precious gift you can ever give to yourself and your human and animal family. And if this all sounds too good to be true, it may be. You see, essential oils are not all created equal, and our labelling laws do nothing to inform or protect us against harmful chemicals creeping into our precious bottles. An oil can be labelled “100% pure” and be mostly synthetic or adulterated oil.

That’s why it’s important that you know your oils, and it’s why The Oil Temple was created.
Welcome to this amazing journey….

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