10 reasons why weekly Raindrop Techniques are the best gift for your body (Part 1)


I’ve had an amazing week (and I hope you have too!!!). Last weekend I headed to the Sunshine Coast to teach Level 2 Raindrop Technique to 7 amazing women. And while I was teaching this course in QLD, Kate Sales was teaching the same course in Perth. 

As part of that adventure, we collectively held 6 Raindrop Technique student clinics, in which we touched the lives of 36 people! To see the transformation in people’s faces as they left the room was such a testament to the benefits of Raindrop Technique – a technique created by the founder of Young Living essential Oils, D. Gary Young.

But I also felt a little sad. When I first joined Young Living in 1998, Raindrop Technique was such a big part of our culture. Gary Young was travelling all over the USA teaching 4 day events, training as many people as he could in Raindrop Technique. Many of us then went on to find Young Living buddies to swap weekly sessions with.

I attended Gary’s Dallas Raindrop Technique training in January 2000, where we had 1100 people fly in from all over the world to study this amazing technique!!!

Gary Young knew the powerful benefits of Raindrop Technique, and he wanted as many people as possible to be experiencing this for themselves.

Yet in the past 9 years, Raindrop Technique has taken a back seat in our culture. When “compliance” hit us in 2015, we went from openly talking about the benefits of essential oils to being super careful of everything we say. In our pivot, we turned our attention to the wonders of chemical free homes, and the benefits of bringing uplifting fragrances into our home and workspaces. 

All of that is sooooo important. A healthy home is a healthy body. But in focussing so strongly on that aspect of Young Living, we somehow put Raindrop Technique aside onto a top shelf that we don’t often reach for. 

We went from knowing that weekly Raindrop Techniques are the most effective and holistic way to protect our health, to having numerous new Young Living members say, “Raindrop Technique? What’s that?”

Raindrop Technique has been a big part of my life since 1999 when I first learnt it, and I was so inspired last weekend by what I saw and heard. So my desire with this week’s Oil Temple bulletin is to once again bring Raindrop Technique into the heart of Young Living, for the benefit of all. Over the next 3 bulletins, I’ll share with you 10 reasons why your body will crave weekly Raindrop Techniques. Let’s cover the first 2 reasons today…..

But first – if you have ever considered learning Raindrop Technique, or if you’ve trained previously and want to attend a refresher for some confidence-boosting, please reach out.

Do YOU want to learn Raindrop Technique?

We’re ready to set dates and locations for our next round of trainings in Australia. These will be held wherever we have the most people wanting to attend.

So whether you are simply curious, have a burning desire to learn Raindrop Technique, or are an existing practitioner looking for an opportunity to refresh and resit, please reach out so we can register your interest, put you on our VIP list, and give you first option to book into our next round of courses!

If you live outside of Australia, please reach out so we can direct you to a trainer or training organisation in your region. 

10 reasons to have a weekly Raindrop Technique (Part 1)

Having a weekly Raindrop Technique is amazing for your body. Here are just some of the reasons why….

1. Support your Spine, so it can support you

Our spine is such an important part of our body, holding us upright and strong. Yet we often take it for granted and don’t give it the care that it needs.

One of the benefits of Raindrop Technique is that we often grow in height from a session. Isn’t that amazing?!?!?!

When I gave a Raindrop Technique to Sophie (our amazing assistant at The Oil Temple and course coordinator for Aromatica), she grew 1 cm!!! 

That’s extraordinary – Sophie is fit and healthy, she’s a yoga teacher, and she’s 5 foot 0 (153cm) in height.

So if Raindrop Technique can benefit someone like Sophie, you can imagine how good it is for everyone, regardless of their level of lifestyle or fitness. Height increases of a few millimetres up to 1cm are not uncommon…and sometimes we see even bigger increases than this.

How does it do this? As we age, our muscle fibres reduce in number and size, and some are replaced with tough, inflexible, fibrous tissue instead. Gary Young used to also explain how muscles and fibres can become “stuck” to our spine, further reducing our flexibility. 

The massage moves of Raindrop Technique are specifically designed to target the erector spinae muscles that lie along either side of the spine as well as the flat muscles that cover our whole back, helping to release them and relax them.

When they relax and release any spasms, the spine is no longer being held in a compressed position and can return to its natural length. It’s AMAZING how great our back and spine feel after a Raindrop Technique.

It’s like being thirsty but not realising you are thirsty. Someone gives you a drink, and your whole body comes alive! Raindrop Technique is indeed an elixir for our spine. 

Sue P. writes:  One of the highlights for me of giving Raindrop Technique is seeing the expression on someone’s face when they see their height increase after a session. I had one client ask if she could have a session every day, as she gained 1.7cm in her first session! 

Gina M. writes:  On Sunday afternoon my 2 daughters and I were the recipients of these glorious sessions at Aromatica’s Raindrop Technique student clinic. These beautiful ladies were completing their final assessments to become Raindrop Technique Practitioners. What a brilliant modality this is!

I felt relaxed already as I walked into the room that smelled so glorious! What an incredible result we all had too… check out the before and after measurements of our heights below – WOW!!! We ALL felt amazing & slept sooooooooo well too

And animal lovers, take note! Raindrop Technique is used on animals as well. Horses and dogs especially LOVE this technique and respond incredibly well. 

2. Revitalise all the systems of your body, for ultimate health

One of the steps of Raindrop Technique is called “feathering”. So we drip an oil along your spine, then “feather” that oil in using the backs of our fingernails. This move is incredibly light and spine-tingling. In fact, it’s designed to bring your back up to goosebumps.

The inspiration behind feathering goes all the way back to 1977/78, when Gary Young (the founder of Young Living and of Raindrop Technique) attended a Native American vision quest. He learned how the Lakota people used to follow the buffalo herds into Canada each Summer. 

When the lights of the northern sky (the aurora borealis) was active, anyone in the tribe who was sick would stand and hold their hands up to these lights.

They breathed in the electrical charge coming from the sky (ie. Great Spirit), visualising they were pulling this electicity through their fingers and into their body. As they breathed out, they visualised this energy running up their spine, helping to revitalise their body.

When the border went into place and they were restricted to reservations, the Lakota people created an alternative technique. The recipient holds up their hands and breathes in the visualised energy, whilst the giver stands behind them stroking lightly up their spine to move the energy.

Gary evolved this into a 5 step process, where the hands not only feather the oils up the spine itself, but also fan out to draw the energy and frequency of the oils to the various organs (reproductive, digestive, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory and endocrine).

The oils used in Raindrop Technique each have unique frequencies that “talk” to the different body systems. For example, Wintergreen has the same frequency as bones, Marjoram has the same frequency as smooth muscles, Basil has the same frequency as skeletal muscles, Peppermint has the same frequency as nerve, and so on. So your entire body gets enlivened by these frequencies. 

I’ve often said that receiving Raindrop Technique for me is like receiving a giant energy pill. I’m sure it’s because of the boost in energy that comes to all of our body systems from the frequency of the oils.

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