10 reasons why weekly Raindrop Techniques are the best gift for your body – Part 2


Did you enjoy 10 reasons why weekly Raindrop Techniques are the best gift for your body? It was Part 1 in a series of bulletins about the benefits of regular Raindrop Technique. This amazing technique draws from Ancient Tibetan, Ancient Egyptian and Native American principles, and combines these steps with the power of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils and very specific massage that is designed to target the spine and associated organs. 

I always feels like I’ve had a giant energy pill when I’ve received a Raindrop Technique, and its benefits are felt by my body for much longer than a regular massage. I believe that feeling of an “energy pill” is the result of the frequency of all those amazing essential oils that are used as part of this technique – Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Aromasiez and Peppermint. 

It’s the best wellness protocol you can give yourself and your loved ones. And because essential oils are so intelligent in how they act on the body, Raindrop Technique always seems to go where it’s most needed, to help us achieve that optimal state of health and vitality.

But first – if you have ever considered learning Raindrop Technique, or if you’ve trained previously and want to attend a refresher for some confidence-boosting, please reach out.

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10 reasons to have a weekly Raindrop Technique – Part 2

Having a weekly Raindrop Technique is amazing for your body. In our previous post we covered two of those reasons. Let’s now look at some of the other reasons why….

3. Scoliosis? Regular VitaFlex Technique can help!

One of the steps of Raindrop Technique is VitaFlex Technique. This is an ancient Tibetan form of reflexology, and in Raindrop Technique it is performed along the spinal reflex of the foot.

It’s performed using a rhythmic rolling or corkscrew-type motion of the hands, and it’s deeply relaxing to receive. Every time we roll our hands over the spinal reflex of the foot, a piezoelectric pulse is generated which travels along the energy meridians of the body to the physical spine.

If you are familiar with the concept of meridians, you will understand that when a meridian is balanced, the corresponding organs of the body also come into balance.

So VitaFlex Technique along the spine of the foot not only nurtures the physical spine, it also instructs the physical spine to straighten. Therefore, it’s a wonderful step to aid scoliosis, along with the muscle-relaxing effects of the massage along the spine.

Gary always used to say to us that it’s the VitaFlex Technique we perform on the spine of the foot that does 70% of the correction of scoliosis. It’s even more impactful than the work we do on the back muscles themselves. Isn’t that amazing!

In Gary’s own words, “After I’d done this feathering half a dozen times with people (just experimenting), I was laying in bed thinking this could be some kind of a [modality]. I had a dream, saw the [Raindrop Technique] process in a dream, woke up and wrote it down.”

“Two weeks later I went to Denver (this was 1990) and this man came up [to me]…….I laid him on the table, he had a 45 degree right lateral upper [curvature to his spine] and 25-28 left lateral lower. I did what I saw in the dream, he sat up an hour and a half later and had grown an inch and a half.”

Knowing the power of VitaFlex Technique, I always spend that extra time in our classes helping our student practitioners to perfect their VitaFlex movement, the same way that Gary trained me. And when someone has scoliosis, we also have the option of working down their spine with all of our back moves, rather than up their spine.

Amanda C. writes:  I had been battling with scoliosis for 15 years, with little relief from conventional treatments. Raindrop Technique’s unique combination of massage movements and VitaFlex offered immediate and lasting back pain relief, a feat that previously seemed unattainable. I personally find I get more relief when the movements are performed down the spine rather than up the spine. This seems to significantly enhance my energy and overall balance.

4. Sleep so you can heal

Many years ago when my health was not where it is today, my doctor talked to me about the importance of great sleep. When our body can drop into those deep non-REM sleep states, that’s when much of the healing happens in our body.

Unfortunately in today’s world, many people are not getting the sleep they so desperately need. The over-use of digital devices, the bombardment from EMFs and all the other emotional stressors in our life compound to reduce the amount of deep sleep that we achieve.

The oils that we use in Raindrop Technique are both deeply relaxing and invigorating. It’s not uncommon for people to sleep deeper and more restfully in the days following a Raindrop Technique, even though their energy levels during the day can be elevated.

Sally S. writes:  My 2 ½ year old son was really keen to have a Raindrop Technique. I followed the protocols for children that I learned in my training. He laid there really calmly for the hour that I was working on him. He loved it! Towards the end he started getting sleepy. I laid him on the couch, and he slept for 3 hours. That’s not like him at all – he will sleep for an hour in the middle of the day, so 3 hours was a miracle! He woke up and was really calm and happy.

Sonia C. writes:  One of my clients has PTSD from being a veteran in the army. He’s been through the wringer, and it’s impacted his sleep patterns. At night he gets an hour or two of sleep here and there, but it’s very broken. The night after he received his first Raindrop Technique from me, he had 4 to 5 hours of unbroken sleep, which is very rare for him. The next night he had another 4 to 5 hours of unbroken sleep. I believe he would benefit from regular sessions.

Bernie P. writes:  What I love about giving Raindrop Technique is the response from my clients. After they’ve received this combination of essential oils and massage, it’s wonderful to hear their experiences of dropping into deep, heavenly relaxation and the unique effects to the entire body – the physical and beyond. More and more of my clients have become regular recipients of Raindrop Technique after seeing its benefits, incorporating it into their own wellbeing regime.

5. Target those sore spots

This next section is a comment for the Australian market only:

One of the oils we use in Raindrop Technique is Peppermint Wellness oil. Did you know that Peppermint oil is traditionally used in Aromatherapy:

  • As an antispasmodic
  • As an analgesic (ie. pain reliever)
  • To relieve mild rheumatic aches and pain
  • To relieve the symptoms of headaches and mild migraines

We use 11 drops of Peppermint oil in a full Raindrop Technique. Given that 1 drop of Peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of Peppermint tea, you get some idea of the incredible potency of this oil when it’s used in this type of application on the body. It’s no wonder people feel so good after a session!

Sally S. writes:  My 6 year old had been playing at the park, and fell from a high bar straight onto her belly. She needed help to get up, was winded and found it hard to walk, complaining mostly about her left hip area. She was still tender by the time we got home, saying how much her leg was hurting.

I gave her a Raindrop Technique. She grew 2cm, and hopped off the table with much less pain and was no longer limping tenderly. Where I live is very remote, and we don’t have services like chiropractors. To have Raindrop Technique as a tool is invaluable!

6. Increase your Happiness Quotient

Did you know that Marjoram is called the “Herb of Happiness”?

The Greeks revered it as a Funeral Herb, putting it on graves to bring peace to loved ones who had passed over. It was also used as a symbol of love and respect, because of its association with the Goddess Aphrodite.

It’s a great oil for those who are depleted or stressed from life’s events, helping to refill the inner cup, so we can give with ease again. 

If you feel isolated and alone, like no one notices or cares about you, let Marjoram come to the rescue. And because of its role as a funeral herb, it can help us to come to terms with any deep loss.

So because we use 16 or more drops of Marjoram oil in a full Raindrop Technique, that’s like having a whole lot of love poured into you, helping to increase your happiness quotient.

Ruth S. writes:  What I love about Raindrop Technique is the way that, as soon as the first oil is applied to my feet and I feel its vibrations running up my legs, I sink into a beautiful state of relaxation – all the cares of the world simply float away, and I am able to enjoy a time of being pampered, receiving nourishment for my body, and some time to myself as part of my self-care.

Bernie P. writes:  What I love about receiving Raindrop Technique is the deep sense of inner connection it fosters within me, where I sense the impacts throughout my entire body. I often have a feeling of calmness and clarity that dance together following a session, helping to really anchor me. I feel balanced.

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