Can essential oils enhance our spiritual connection?


When I first heard that essential oils can help us on our spiritual journey, I thought that was a pretty crazy idea. How could they possibly do that?

How could a smell from a plant’s essential oils open us up to spiritual experiences far greater than any we’ve known before?

Yet it’s true….and that’s the topic of today’s bulletin.

If you’ve ever wondered how to:

  • expand your sense of spiritual connection, and your faith and trust in something beyond yourself;
  • deepen your prayers and/or meditations;
  • empower your ability to touch and help others; and
  • enhance your capacity to develop your intuition, your compassion, your sense of Oneness, and your spiritual gifts…

Well, the answer lies in these magical substances we find in Young Living.

Not all essential oil brands will have this impact. Young Living’s essential oils will help us achieve heightened spiritual states of consciousness, simply because of their absolute purity (and the fact that the entire fingerprint of the plant is captured in the bottle).

They are created exactly as nature made the oil – nothing added, nothing subtracted.So regardless of your personal spiritual path, and regardless of the types of spiritual practices you incorporate into your life, Young Living’s essential oils will be the catalyst to enhancing that connection.

My spiritual journey

I’ve had a strong calling towards spirituality ever since I was a child. It began with an insatiable love of nature and animals, which has weathered every storm in my life. I “found” myself through my love of all creatures great and small.

And then, in my darkest times as a teenager when I felt at my most alone, I went to the library and reached for books to help me understand the world that I’m in – books on Christianity, but also on other religions.

At age 18, I had my first “psychic experience” – something I couldn’t explain through any scientific means.

I was driving too fast towards a blind hill, and suddenly a voice in my head shouted “STOP!!!”

I jumped on the brakes, and that was the only thing that saved me from running over our neighbour’s dog that was crossing the hill and out of my field of vision.

That was such a pivotal experience for me. It showed me that something exists beyond our visible world. And that is when I began exploring the unseen world – everything that sits beyond the boundaries of Science, and into the field of mysticism. And I did that alongside of my career in Science, always with a foot in each camp.

So you can imagine my surprise when I began exploring Young Living’s range of essential oils, and I started seeing incredible spiritual experiences. That was way back in 1998 when I decided to register for their optional Essential Rewards loyalty program, and pamper myself every month by trying new essential oils and oil-infused products from their range….and I’m still on it today.

Essential Oils and our Energy Field

When I was in my late 20’s and 30’s, I used to travel around Australia teaching weekend workshops in psychic development. We covered many different topics over the weekend, however one of the most exciting ones was how to see the human energy field (also called the aura).

Many paintings of Jesus depict that beautiful halo that was seen and felt around him. Well, we all have a halo around our body, and I found a simple technique for showing people how to see it.

One day, as I was running this section of the class, I had a bright idea. I wondered what the aura would look like if I put an oil on it.

I had one of my students sitting in the “hot seat”, and everyone else gathered around, staring at their aura. I felt into which oil would most benefit the person sitting in the hot seat….and I placed one drop of that oil onto their body.

Within a second or two of doing that, virtually all of my students gasped. They saw the aura change – instantly – from the essential oil going onto the body.

Not only did it convince them that they were indeed seeing a real aura (because of how they saw it dynamically move), but it also showed them the power of essential oils to impact the aura. And wow, did I get a lot of questions about essential oils after that segment in my classes!

This process then became something I did with all of my students in every class – they each had a chance to sit in the hot seat, and I placed a specifically-chosen oil on them. It soon became one of the most popular segments of my course.

Most essential oils cause the aura to suddenly expand. It becomes brighter, larger, and flashes with colour. But one essential oil blend does the opposite – it causes the aura to contract. It still becomes brighter, but suddenly its border is so much closer to the physical body.

Can you guess what oil blend it is?

It is Grounding oil!!! In contrast to most of the other essential oils that I’d experimented with, Grounding oil anchors our energy field so strongly, that we actually witness it “dropping” down into the body.

How cool is that!

And if you want my favourite essential oil blend for increasing the size of the aura, that would be Stress away oil blend.

Essential Oils foster a state of Deep Connection

But it’s not just the person receiving the essential oil on their body who benefits. In one of my classes, I put a drop of Peppermint oil on the woman in the hot seat. Within seconds, one of the other students (Greg) had an extraordinary experience.

He was looking at this woman’s aura, yet he suddenly noticed how beautiful she was as a person. His whole experience of her changed, and he saw her light and her attraction.

It allowed him to feel a connection with her that hadn’t been there previously. It wasn’t a romantic connection – rather, it was the ability to truly see her, in all her radiance.

It’s no wonder that the Egyptian Pharaohs used essential oils to attract prosperity. Our oil blend “Abundance” (one of my favourite blends) was created from essential oils that the Egyptians believe hold an “attracting” quality.

That’s why I wear a drop of Abundance oil on my wrists every day, as part of my 7 oil ritual. I’ve seen how powerfully it works to change my mental state and draw positive experiences and financial prosperity towards me.

When I first bought Abundance oil, I chose it because I felt in need of better cash flow…but I didn’t really expect an essential oil to do that for me. It was more a “nice thought” around having more abundance in my life.

So you can imagine my utter surprise when that first day I wore Abundance oil on my wrists, I had 3 forms of abundance come to me!

I had someone who owed me several hundred dollars suddenly pay me. I’d been chasing them for the money, and finally gave up on it. Well, that very day when I wore Abundance oil for the first time, a cheque arrived in the mail from them for the full amount they owed me.

And I had an extra booking in my course, which brought in an extra $500 for me. And I went to buy something I needed, and it was on special, so I saved myself quite a bit of money.

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