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In my previous post, I shared how surprised I was when I started having heightened spiritual experiences when I was using essential oils on myself and my clients. That’s when I truly realised that these precious substances don’t just help us on a physical level – they also support us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

High quality essential oils like those available from Young Living are nature’s gift to us. They are far more than a pretty smell. They impact every aspect of our Being, to bring us into alignment, and to help us maintain an ultimate state of holistic health.

Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living, knew this. He’d trained as a US Doctor of Naturopathy after a horrendous logging accident that had left him paralysed and in a wheelchair. Through natural therapies, he regained his ability to walk and reclaimed his life. 

Yet when he was first introduced to genuinely high quality essential oils (and not the “off the shelf” ones he’d previously dabbled in), he had such a powerful experience in his own body that he understood that quality really does matter in an essential oil. 

The smell is an integral part of the essential oil’s gift….yet the real gift, the real impact, comes from all the hundreds of constituents in the essential oil, working in perfect harmony just as nature intended. So many essential oil suppliers cut corners (intentionally or unintentionally). Gary knew this, and could see the difference that it made for him as the user of essential oils. 

That’s when he threw himself into studying aromatic plants and the art of essential oil distillation and chemistry, and began to farm his own essential oils. His goal was to produce the very best quality essential oils available in the world, so that others could also experience the profound benefits of these precious substances. 

So how do essential oils impact our spiritual connection? 

Knowing that essential oils are comprised of hundreds of natural plant chemicals in a perfect synergistic balance, it makes sense that they impact our physical body.  

But how can they possibly impact our spiritual connection? 

This is one of the things I most love about essential oils. When we put a drop on our body, it absorbs through the layers of our skin, and eventually penetrates our body tissues and blood supply. Gary always used to teach us that an oil (regardless of its molecular weight), reaches every cell in our body within 20 minutes of application.

But that drop of essential oil doesn’t just impact us through penetrating our skin. It also has an aroma, which impacts our body in a completely different way. So one drop of essential oil gives us two routes of access into our body, and two completely different spectrums of impact.

Let’s talk about its second pathway….

As soon as the lid comes off that bottle of essential oil, the microfine aromatic particles begin to travel through the air. That’s why we can smell them, even before they actually touch us.

Essential oils are “volatile aromatic liquids”. This means they begin as a liquid in the bottle, but once that lid comes off they convert from liquid to gas and float through the air, eventually reaching our nose so that we can “smell” them.

And the term “aromatic” of course means that they have a smell. 

So the oil has reached our nose. What happens next? 

And here’s the fascinating part. Those cilia are not just normal cells. Each one is a long brain cell, that connects our nose to our brain. These specialised brain cells are the means by which a signal travels from our nose to our brain.

And here’s the fascinating part. Those cilia are not just normal cells. Each one is a long brain cell, that connects our nose to our brain. These specialised brain cells are the means by which a signal travels from our nose to our brain.

But here’s the important thing. In contrast to all of our other senses, this signal completely bypasses our conscious brain, and travels straight to the limbic region of the brain (the seat of our subconscious). This is where we store both our memories and associated emotions, which helps explain why the inhalation of essential oils can have such a profound impact on us emotionally.

Those signals can stir up memories we haven’t thought about in years, and in turn help to unlock the associated emotions.

Dr. Daniel Penoel in his book Natural Home Health Care using Essential Oils described essential oils as having a “God-like intelligence”, able to travel where needed in our body, and impact us in the most individual ways – the ways that we (personally) most require. 

This makes perfect sense when you understand that the limbic region of our brain is like a cataloguing system. It stores sooooooo much information in the way of memories. 

And we have a natural inner calibration system that is constantly pulling us towards healing. Anything that triggers our emotions is going to open that amazing catalogue, and start to release the very emotions we most need released….the ones that hold us back from being the happiest and healthiest version of ourself. 

But what about Spiritual Experiences? How does that work?

I’ve explained how essential oils work to help us transform emotional blockages. Yet the limbic region of the brain is also our spiritual centre.

This is the part of our brain responsible for our intuition (aka our 6th sense). It’s also the part of our brain that gives us the ability to see white light and auras and our Spiritual Guides, and to connect with all things greater than ourselves.

So at the very same time that the aroma of an essential oil is helping to open up our unique personal catalogue of memories and emotions, it is also stimulating the core of our spiritual gifts. 

And THIS is why essential oils work not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. 

So next time you take the lid off a bottle of Young Living essential oil, take a moment to truly connect with this oil. 

Breathe it in, and give a moment of appreciation – not only to the essential oil itself (for all the wonderful ways it can help you transform and blossom), but also to Gary Young, the man who had such a passion for producing quality essential oils, that he helped to pioneer the modern day essential oil movement. 

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