Oooh Pong – what’s that smell?


Two weeks ago I embarked on a 15 hour road trip. The circumstances of that trip were both sad and perfect. Two very dear friends of mine (a husband and wife, Gary & Yomo) had passed away within a month of each other, and I was travelling down to their joint memorial service, so that I could honour these two special Souls as they embark on their next adventure, and share memories with the people they loved.

But – with all the lockdowns we’ve been experiencing, it’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve travelled. That’s almost unheard of in my life. I’ve always had the travel bug, and I’m blessed that Young Living has carried me around the globe, multiple times each year.

So with such a gap between travels, I’m very rusty around packing and being on the road. I’d like to think it would come naturally like riding a bike, but let me share what really happened….

Oooh Pong – what’s that smell?

I decided to be gentle on myself and on my back, and split the drive. The first night, I drove 5 hours, and stayed in a very humble motel in Taree. The next day I got up and showered (I’d brought all my beautiful Young Living shower products).

I always travel with the same shower products. So I washed my face with the ART gentle cleanser, then I used the Lavender Volumising Shampoo on my hair, and the Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner on my ends. I washed my body with my favourite Young Living soap, the Charcoal Bar Soap.

Then the next step was to brighten myself up with some skin-friendly makeup, ie. my Savvy Minerals by Young Living mineral makeup. This makeup is amazing!!! I apply the liquid foundation then the powder, and of course eye shadow, blush, mascara (both types – the lengthening and volumizing to give a lovely thick long look)…..and I finished it all off with my favourite Lipstick colour, Bedazzled, and a freshen up of my mouth and breath with my Thieves Whitening Toothpaste.

Then I jumped in the car, and drove another 2.5 hours to the memorial, where I listened to amazing stories about my friends, and hugged and hugged and hugged their many loved ones who were present.

As I was hugging, I started noticing a strong aroma. Of course, I was completely focussed on everything happening around me, and not at all on myself. I vaguely remember thinking “Hmmm…that’s a strong smell, and it reminds me of….well, of something. What does it remind me of?”

I then jumped in the car to start the long drive home, planning to stop in Coffs Harbour that night. As I was driving, I noticed this strange aroma again……until it dawned on me.

Oh no! I’d forgotten to put toothpaste under my arm pits that morning, and it had been 36 hours since my last application!!! The smell was indeed coming from me, and it was “BO” (ie. Body Odour).

Whaaaaaat????? Toothpaste as an underarm deodorant?

Now, if you’re wondering why on earth I would put toothpaste under my arm pits, then you have obviously missed reading my trio of bulletins from 2021 on “The Odour Experiment”. We ran a special experiment at that time, to determine which Young Living deodorant was the preferred one amidst our members. Was it:

One of Young Living’s underarm deodorants (Cinnafresh, Citraguard or Valor Deodorant), OR
Thieves Dentarome Plus toothpaste (just a teensy amount needed – about half the size of a pea does both armpits – use too much and the Peppermint in the toothpaste will feel like it’s biting you)

85% voted hands-down for Dentarome Plus as the more effective underarm deodorant!!!

This is the best underarm deodorant you will EVER try!

Here are some of the highlights from the testimonials:

Maetreyii D. writes: I did this experiment with my 12 year old son! Each day, he reminded us to apply the Dentarome Plus toothpaste under one armpit and the Citraguard Deodorant under the other. He plays soccer three days a week, so it was perfect for this experiment as he always comes home very, very sweaty! Each time he came home, we smelt each armpit and noticed the same results over and over!

The armpit where we applied Dentarome Plus Toothpaste did not have any smell. Absolutely NO smell. We were amazed by this result! It was a miracle!
The side where we applied Citraguard deodorant smelled nice when we first applied it, but by the end of the day the effectiveness wasn’t as long lasting as the toothpaste, and we could smell an unpleasant smell (although it’s lot better than if we did not use it at all).

Catherine W. writes: For this experiment, I used the Valor Deodorant and Dentarome Plus toothpaste. I applied the products a couple of minutes after my morning shower, then did the sniff test just before my next shower.


At each sniff test that the deodorant armpit always had an unpleasant sweaty smell, whereas the toothpaste had a very slight minty scent and sometimes the faintest sweaty smell, but was hardly noticeable.
I was very impressed with the Dentarome Plus toothpaste and will definitely continue using that rather than buying the deodorant in future. The cost of the toothpaste is much more economical than any of the deodorants which is a big plus, and it would last much longer than the roll-on deodorant as I only need a tiny amount – about half a pea size. Overall, the toothpaste is a clear winner for me!

Rach H. writes: Toothpaste as a deodorant? Who would’ve thought!!!

Taking part in this crazy experiment was mind blowing!

I used Valor Deodorant under one arm (which I really liked) and Dentarome Plus toothpaste under the other, and the results were incredible!!!!

Both were great and left no odour on my shirt or on my skin…for 36 hours! But which one did I love best??? Boy oh boy, Dentarome Plus toothpaste wins hands down! It’s super easy and smooth as silk to apply (on hairy underarm days and on freshly shaven days), whereas the stick deodorant drags my delicate underarm skin, and after shaving this can be quite a sensitive area.
And I’m so surprised at how well it works as a deodorant! it actually blows my mind – I was not expecting this at all! It’s incredible! I started off using a pea-sized amount but quickly realised I only need a bit as small as a grain of rice. It applies to the skin so smoothly, it’s clear, and gives a fresh zesty underarm feeling with no residue at all.
So hands down, the multi-purpose Dentarome Plus wins, as it also doubles as a toothpaste! So Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for this experiment! Essential oil infused, and ODOURLESS underarms and mouth!!

Jen G writes:In my early days with Young Living I had once tried the Dentarome Plus toothpaste as an underarm deodorant. Unfortunately I used too much, and it turned me off. So I thought I would give it another go for this experiment (making sure I used only the tiniest amount), and compared it with Citraguard deodorant.

I’ve been vegan for nearly 3 years. Young Living has many personal care products that are vegan…..except for deodorant! They all contain beeswax.
Now I have a deodorant that is vegan, it’s economical, and it WORKS!!! I’m a convert – Thieves Dentarome Plus toothpaste is my new best friend!
In fact, there was NO odour at all!! My armpit was fresh all day, even with exercise….compared to Citraguard, which at times smelled like sweaty underarms mixed with deodorant!
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