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Young Living is the largest producer of Therapeutic-Grade essential oils in the world.

Unlike most essential oil companies, Young Living don’t buy oils through brokers and on-sell them. Instead, they achieve the ultimate quality control by growing plants on their own farms and partner farms – 16 farms in 12 countries – as well as sourcing from their Seed to Seal certified suppliers.

Young Living do NOT test on animals, and they are one of the only essential oil suppliers in the world to use an independent environmental auditor, SCS Global, so you can trust in both their essential oil quality, and their environmental ethics.

Why is this important? Many companies are touting that they are sourcing oils from ethical and environmentally sustainable suppliers, because that’s what most of us are looking for. However, words are cheap – without independent auditing, we don’t have the guarantee that they are telling us the whole truth.

In fact, Young Living plant hundreds of thousands of aromatic plants and trees on their farms each year, because they understand the importance of having a sustainable supply.

So what is Young Living’s philosophy when it comes to producing essential oils? It’s this – from Seed to Seal, no chemicals touch their fields or their plants at any point in the growing, distillation or bottling process. Young Living guarantee that their oils are absolutely PURE and UNADULTERATED, and safe for you and your family.


  • They start with non-GMO seeds from healthy plants, rich in bioactive compounds.
  • Their farming practices are indeed “beyond organic”. They use spring water on their fields, they nourish the soil with enzymes and worm castings, and they use natural pest and weed control.
  • They also understand the effects of vibration, so if a worker doesn’t love plants, they don’t go on their fields.
  • Young Living distil their plants at the lowest possible temperature and pressure, often using longer distillation times than other producers in order to capture the full “fingerprint” of the essential oils (ie. all the many hundreds or thousands of constituents, exactly as nature created it!)
  • Young Living also have one of the most extensive essential oil “chemical libraries” in the world, with well over 700,000 molecules for reference. Combined with world class testing equipment and 15 state-of-the-art tests, they are better equipped than any other essential oil supplier to analyse oils and detect adulterants and synthetics.
  • Remember I mentioned Dr. Herve Casabianca? He has helped Young Living to calibrate their equipment so that it matches the same world class standards as his own equipment, and he has personally trained Gary Young, the founder of Young Living. Wow – that’s really saying something!
  • Young Living also meet the world class GOLD standard in essential oil production. This involves independent auditing by SCS Global to ensure that all plants are harvested sustainably so species are not endangered through the production process. It also guarantees that fair trade agreements are in place with all suppliers, and suppliers comply with all local and USA laws.

Interested to know more about Young Living’s farms?

They are located in France, Utah (2), Idaho (2), Canada, Ecuador, Croatia and Oman.

Their partner farms are located around the world, including an Indian Sandalwood farm in Western Australia, a Blue Cypress farm in Darwin (Australia), a Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood farm in Hawaii, a Roman Chamomile and Valerian farm in Bulgaria, the Happy Pili Tree farm in the Phillipines (this makes Elemi oil), and many more.

There are also co-ops where farmers grow exclusively for Young Living, such as in France, Taiwan, Israel, Dubai and Somaliland.

In fact, I’ve had the joy of visiting and working on many of these farms, including: Utah (1), Idaho (2), Ecuador, Croatia, France, Oman,Canada, Darwin, and Hawaii. Young Living has organised events on these farms during harvest season – you are welcome to attend one of these events, or to pre-arrange a separate visit.

Book a trip to visit one of Young Living’s farms. This is an adventure of a lifetime!

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