Are you an Oils Addict?


When I was first introduced to Young Living, I fell in love with their essential oils. Like so many of us, I saw incredible and fast results, and they just made me feel so uplifted and “clear”. In fact, I loved them so much that I developed a healthy addiction for essential oils and all things natural. I often joke and say that my blood is now 50% essential oils!

But then, I began exploring all of Young Living’s wonderful oil-infused products as well. I discovered that there are so many creative ways to bring essential oils into our life, through these everyday supplements, personal care and cleaning products. 

So just for fun, I wanted to give you a peek into my life. What does it look like, to be a lover of high-quality essential oils and oil-infused products, and a true oils addict?

Enjoy this journey with me through the products that I am most passionate about, and which are part of my every day. And of course there are lots of other Young Living products that I use in between these ones….but these are my absolute favourites. Enjoy!

My Morning Kickstart

As soon as I wake up, one of the very first things I do is to have my Red Drink.

I use an empty NingXia Red bottle, and I fill it with 750ml of filtered water. Into that I put 2 tablespoons of NingXia Red juice, 6 capsules of Sulfurzyme (emptied and sprinkled into the juice) and 3 drops of Lime oil (that would be Lime Vitality oil if you live in the US, or Orange Plus or Tangerine Plus oil if you live in the UK/EU). Some people only use 3 capsules of Sulfurzyme, but I like to use 6 because I’m taking good care of my back and its suppleness after some past back injuries.

Mid afternoon (whenever I get thirsty), I have another 750ml of Red Drink. This drink hydrates my body so much better than plain water.

I’ve been drinking it for 3 years (every day), and I’d never want to be without it. In fact, I’ve not once been sick in that time (no bugs of any kind). I really believe that the vitamins and minerals present in this superjuice, alongside the super-hydration it offers my body, is a winning formula for my health.

After all, just 60ml of NingXia Red is equivalent in biological activity to consuming:

  • 118 heads of broccoli, OR
  • 200 oranges, OR
  • 45,628 almonds.

That’s like a whole fridge/freezer full of fruit and veggies every single day, in one delicious 60ml serve (which I split between two red drinks, ie. 30ml each drink).

If I could only have 1 Young Living oil-infused products in my life (apart from my essential oils), it would be soooo hard to choose just one….but this would be it.

My No-Tox, High Frequency Shower

Then of course I want to cleanse myself, so I can start my day with the highest frequency possible. So at least 3 times a week I’ll go for a beautiful walk along the Main Beach of Byron Bay, anchoring my feet into the sand, breathing in the ocean air, exposing my skin to some early morning sun. And if the ocean is gentle, I’ll play amongst the waves and fish until my energy field is bright and shining.

When I get back home, it’s shower time. I wash my face with Bloom Brightening Cleanser, I wash my hair with the AnimalScents Shampoo (which is the one that suits my hair type the best), followed by the Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner. And I wash my skin with the Charcoal Bar Soap.

Then I’ll sit on my bathmat and cuddle my cats.

Did you know that the vibration of a purr hits us right in our hearts? My cats prefer to have their cuddles before I anoint with oils, as the smell of essential oils are a bit pungent for their delicate sense of smell.

My Miracle Morning: The 7 Oil Ritual

There’s a great book by Hal Elrod called “The Miracle Morning”. He studied some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, to understand what makes them so successful. And from his studies, he came up with a concept of a “Miracle Morning”, ie. how we set that first hour in our day is how our day continues.

So every morning, I anoint myself with 7 essential oil blends from Young Living, in a specific sequence. As I apply each blend to my body, I do a particular action step with that oil (an affirmation or a visualisation) in order to make this a complete manifestation ritual, to help me create the best life I can live.

This is an amazing process that I created for our 2020 Australian Young Living Symposium. I taught it from stage, and I’ve been doing it myself ever since, and teaching it to thousands of people.

In fact, one of my friends is going into a court room tomorrow, and I’ve just loaned her the oils so she can follow this process before she heads to court. It’s a great way to get our own head and heart into the best possible framework to tackle even the greatest of life’s challenges.

Recently I was asked by a Young Living leader why this ritual is better than just applying oils each day in a random way. She saw such a big difference in her own life once she switched to this ritual, even though she was a regular oils user before. All I can say is that this ritual was “inspired” by above…from Gary Young, I believe….and as with all things from Gary, it’s just something extra special. It addresses all corners of our life in these 7 oils, to ensure we are honouring not only our outer world, but also our inner world.

On my birthday last year, I recorded myself teaching this ritual. I particularly love this recording, and want to share it with you….

A Cleaning Frenzy!

If it’s a Thursday, that’s the Farmer’s Market. I’m up before 6am to shop for my weekly organic produce. I bring it home, and soak it in Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak, then rinse it in spring water. It’s left on my benchtop to dry, and then packed away into the fridge.

We never know who’s been touching our fruit and vegetables before we get our hands on them, so I love knowing that they are cleansed and purified…even though I know they’re organic. 

And you should see the gunk and dust that comes out of it!!! It’s so incredible, that I find myself almost compulsively (and I mean that in a very healthy way) washing every bit of fresh produce that enters my home. It just feels better!

If it’s a Friday, that’s the day my cleaner comes to clean my home. So I make up Thieves Household Spray for her to use. This means I use a 500ml bottle (glass or PET plastic), and into it I add 15ml of Thieves Household Cleaner, and 6 drops each of Lavender, Orange and Lemon Myrtle oil (my favourite combo) and I top up with water.

We use that cleaning mix on every surface. It’s used to clean glass. It’s used to clean the oven. It’s used on the benchtops. It’s used to clean the toilet. It’s used in my animal treatment room. It’s used in my massage treatment room. It’s even sprayed onto her mop and used over the floors.

One economical solution does everything – and it makes my home smell soooooo good. In fact, as my cleaner (Jess) was leaving on Friday after her first day of cleaning for me, she’s already talking to me about how she’d like to know more about becoming a Young Living distributor. That always warms my heart. The more people who are sharing, the more easily we can touch lives and the Planet with our beautiful oils.

If it’s a Saturday, that’s my day for doing the washing, providing the weather is nice. So out comes my Thieves Laundry Soap.

I’ve been using ¼ cap in a full load of washing. But a few weeks ago, my washing machine repair man told me I’ve been using too much detergent. Go figure! I already knew this was a super concentrate. Now I know I can reduce the amount even more (especially on smaller loads), making it even more economical. It’s yet another reason to LOVE Thieves Laundry Soap.

If my clothes smell musty for any reason, I’ll add 20 drops of Purification into the ¼ cap of Thieves Laundry Soap, and then my clothes come out smelling even more amazing! It’s no wonder that even when I’ve not put oils on my skin, people are still commenting on my beautiful smell. It must be from the oils that have infused into my body from my Young Living Charcoal Bar Soap, and from the Thieves Laundry Soap.

And for any day of the week when I’m rescuing snakes (which is what I love to do in my spare time as a wildlife volunteer), I always have my Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer on hand. Snakes are very clean animals, but their skin can harbour Salmonella bacteria…so it’s always wise to sanitize hands after touching a snake.

I keep the 29ml bottle of Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer in my handbag for my rescues, and I keep the 225ml bottle on the bench of my wildlife treatment room to use in between handling the different snakes I have in care.

An Afternoon Pick-me-up

My life is often full to the brim with all the different activities I do in the day. I do lots of self-care activities (dancing, massage, stretching, personal training, beach walks), and I also have a vibrant Young Living business, so there’s a huge list of ideas and action steps I’m doing in my business.

So it’s not uncommon that I get to mid-afternoon and feel a bit of an energy dip. That’s when I’ll check in with myself. Am I simply thirsty? Have I had my afternoon Red Drink?

If so, and if I’m still thirsty, I’ll have a glass of water with a generous squirt of Young Living Vytalyte drops into the water…

These electrolyte drops come in various flavours in different markets in the world, but my all-time favourite is the Lavender Lemonade!

If I need a pick-me-up which is unrelated to some extra hydration, I’ll reach for my NingXia Zyng. This effervescent drink from Young Living is a healthy alternative to the other soft drinks and energy drinks on the market. I use it as a special treat, to lift my energy for the next 3-4 hours.

Or sometimes, instead of a Zyng, I might feel like a sachet of Master Formula Essentials or a bottle of Bloom Collagen.  Both of those products also give me a wonderful afternoon boost, and have a natural sweetness that I really enjoy…..not to mention their amazing skin and health benefits.

And if I’m out and about, I always carry a couple of NingXia Nitros in my handbag.

NingXia Nitros are available from Young Living USA, and also Young Living Europe. To order them (if you live in AU/NZ), simply go onto your Virtual Office, and locate the flag in the upper left corner of the website. Change this flag to the USA flag, and it takes you to the USA website where you can order products from there to have shipped to Australia. NingXia Nitro is one of those products.

My Bedtime Routine

So it’s the end of the day, and I’m winding down. I make sure I replenish my minerals by adding 3 squirts of Mineral Essence into a glass of water. It’s quite strong tasting, but it’s one of my “essentials” when it comes to Young Living.

I’ve always noticed I’m quite highly strung. I don’t mean that in a bad way – it’s just that I live an incredibly full life. I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m helping a lot of people. So my own body and its essential minerals can take a bit of a beating, just due to the stress levels I operate at.

I’ve always noticed that I crave Mineral Essence. So in addition to my Red Drink, this is another “must have” for me.

Then, I take my Young Living Illumineyes. I do this every evening, to protect my eyesight from the harmful effects of blue light radiation, given that I spend many hours each day in front of a computer or on my phone. My eyes are very precious to me, so protecting them is a no-brainer.

And then I cleanse my face with my favourite Young Living cleanser – the ART (Age Refining Technology) Cleanser. It’s soooooo gentle on my skin.

Then I put 3 drops of the Young Living Beauty Boost into my palms, and rub that on my face. Unfortunately we can’t get that product in AU/NZ, so I was fortunate to receive it as a gift from a friend in the UK. It contains CBD oil and Rose oil, and is the most exquisite smell. My face and Spirit feels incredibly pampered when I use it, and it’s very calming too.

Then I finish my day with a drop of Awaken oil on both corners of my pillow, to ensure a deep, restful and blissful nights’ sleep, and it’s lights out for me!

Every story deserves an encore…

I’m incredibly excited to be visiting Belgium for a one-day event on 10th April 2023. This was advertised in one of my previous bulletins, so if you live in Belgium, I hope you were able to grab a ticket!

I’ve been creating a whole new emotional clearing technique especially for this event. It’s another “inspired” ritual that is based around our most exotic, expensive and rare Young Living oils…..including Australian Kuranya, Valor, Sacred Sandalwood, Rose, Melissa, Jasmine, Vetiver, Sacred Frankincense and Palo Santo.

I’ve been practicing this ritual on myself for the past four nights….so I haven’t used my Awaken oil, and have used this instead….and boy, have I slept amazingly well after it!

Just imagine what floating in clouds is like…and you get the idea!

Don’t you just love our oils? We’re only limited by our imagination! Here’s to many more wonderful years of oiling up, and oily discoveries.

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