Amazing Spiritual Experiences with Essential Oils


There are so many ways that our oils impact us, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I trust you’ve been loving my last 2 oils bulletins (blogs), where I have explained about the power of essential oils and how they impact us spiritually and emotionally. Click here to read the first bulletin and the second bulletin.

One of the simplest ways to experience the spiritual power of our oils is to put a drop of Frankincense oil (either our regular Frankincense, Boswellia carterii, or our Sacred Frankincense, Boswellia sacra) onto your third eye. Then sit quietly –  cross legged or on a chair, or even lying down. If you know how to meditate, let yourself drop into your favourite style of meditation…but if you’ve not meditated before, simply focus your attention on your breath as it comes in and out of your nose. When your mind starts to wander, just bring it back to the sensation of your breath coming in and out of your nose. 

If you love to pray or do positive affirmations, you can do exactly the same process, but in this case your attention will be focussed on your prayer or affirmation. 

Watch how quickly you drop into a deep, deep state of consciousness. I’ve seen this happen over and over in my classes – people are WOWed by how deeply they go in meditation, and how quickly they access these states. 

But now, I want to share with you some of the amazing spiritual experiences that our other Young Living oilers have had. Enjoy!

What’s the most amazing Spiritual experience you’ve ever had with a Young Living oil?

Jenni C. writes:

I remember a group meditation circle one night under a beautiful tree with a group of amazing women (you may remember this Artemis!!!!)

We were just allowing ourselves to go with the flow in the silky darkness of the evening. In my dream state, aided by my choice of oil, my subconscious was visited by the most chilled out python wrapped around a virtual branch above my head.

He asked me if I’d like to fly with him and we soared through the Byron skies. You may guess who my companion was…

I was certain it was Gary Young, and he had come to connect with a group of wonderful women who share his passion for oils. He was very complimentary of Artemis (amongst other things) and told me I was in good hands. This journey has never left my soul and left me with a sense of kinship with someone I never got the chance to meet in person.

Sam G. writes: 

The most amazing spiritual experience I have ever had with a Young Living oil was smelling Spikenard for the first time. It’s not available anymore, but I was gifted a small sample from my upline leader.

I so vividly remember the way it made me feel, how it spoke to a previous memory or existence that I find quite hard to explain or to be able to justify in words.

I had never smelt it before but it brought me back to something very familiar within me.. Like wayyyy back!

To me, this is a true testament to how pure and alive these oils truly are as they speak to your soul, even from previous existences.

Smell your oils, deeply (whichever oil it happens to be)….as you never know where they’ll take you back to, but they definitely will ignite your own essence and you never know what memory it might bring up.

Nicole B. writes: 

I have had a really beautiful experience while meditating and using Northern Lights Black Spruce. The meditation involved totally clearing my mind of anything by visualising a pure white, clean whiteboard.

A drop of oil was placed on top of my head on the Crown Chakra and then I was left to experience it. Before I knew what the oil was, I saw the most incredible display of lights like I was actually seeing the Northern Lights!!!

It was very beautiful and I was not at all surprised when I discovered what oil had been placed on my head as the trees absorb the incredible energy of the lights that play above their branches.

Cilla S. writes: 

One evening, I was sitting at home in my favourite chair feeling very down with recurring issues. Suddenly I felt as if I was in another realm. Then I heard a man’s voice which said to me, “We will do this ”.

I said “Who are you?” He replied: “My name is Gary, Gary Young – Believe”. This was a very surreal experience as I have never met or been in touch with Gary, although I love and use Young Living products daily.

When I told my husband the story, he reminded me that ‘Believe’ is a Young Living Blend and it could be a call to use this product as a long-term benefit to my overall wellbeing. Well, I have been using ‘Believe’ since then and I am feeling far more confident and happier within myself.

For some years now I have been able to transfer healing energy to others. Maybe I had lost my way with this in recent times, and perhaps Gary was reminding me to continue on this journey. I hope that this experience of mine will help others to continue to ‘Believe’.

Sophie S. writes: 

I have always enjoyed experimenting with different oils as part of my yoga and meditation practice, but since doing the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique course with Artemis last year, I feel so much more connected to them on a spiritual level.

One of my favourites is White Angelica. It’s one of fourteen oils that’s applied to the body in a sacred annointing sequence as part of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, and it’s also in Artemis’ 7 Oil Ritual, so we got to play with it alot that week!

I’d never even smelt it before then! But I had heard some beautiful stories from others who were using this oil in their daily life – for instance one of the ladies was a nurse in the Emergency Department and she said she’d never go to work without putting a drop on each shoulder… it helped her stay in her little bubble of calm amongst the chaos. So I was really excited to get to know this oil, and needless to say it didn’t disappoint! 

It was also the first time I’d received an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique – and that day my practitioner was one of my fellow students. 

By the time it came round to having the White Angelica on my shoulders, I was already in a very deep state of connection. But suddenly, I felt my grandfather’s presence very clearly, and I knew he was with me. It was such a peaceful few moments, I just totally surrendered into the saftey of his energy. He passed some time ago, and I often think of him as my guide and protector. It was quite special to feel him there so strongly. 

Now anytime I feel I need a little extra protection, I put a drop of White Angelica on each shoulder and I know I’m being looked after. So grateful for this precious gift. 

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