These 2 oils are a Miracle Combo for Tight Muscles


One of the blessings I’ve enjoyed in Young Living is the opportunity to travel the world many times over. I’ve been places I never dreamed of visiting, and I’ve had my hands in the soil and wrapped around the plants and trees on so many of Young Living’s aromatic farms and partner farms – from Hawaii to Croatia, from Ecuador to France, from Darwin to the USA and Canada.

One of the gifts of these travel experiences has been the chance to share knowledge and oils tips with other Young Living oilers.

If you’ve ever experienced tight muscles, then you are going to LOVE today’s bulletin. I’m about to share with you one of my favourite oil combos to help calm and relax tight muscles.

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I’ve often seen Tom giving VitaFlex sessions at our Young Living events. And of course he incorporates the Young Living oils into each of his sessions.
This particular day, he and I got into a conversation about Lemon Myrtle oil. It had just been released by Young Living, and he let me know that one of his favourite ways to use it was to combine it 50:50 with Idaho Balsam Fir (now called Idaho Grand Fir), and massage it into muscles and ligaments.
Lemon Myrtle mixed with Idaho Grand Fir has now become one of my favourite combos!
Lemon Myrtle oil on its own is very similar to Lemongrass oil in its constituents and its aroma. Check this table out:

As you will see, Lemon Myrtle has generally a higher percentage of the two main constituents present in Lemongrass….so while in aroma Lemon Myrtle is often described as “more lemony than lemons”, in action it’s like Lemongrass on steroids.

“Citral” is a mixture of Geranial and Neral….and in fact Lemon Myrtle is the highest natural source of Citral in the world (at 90-98%), compared to only 3 to 10% citral in Lemon oil, and 60% to 82% in Lemongrass. Wow!

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Which Blend would you use?

Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle both have the same frequency as ligaments, so this means we love to use them on any tight ligaments in the body. Idaho Grand Fir is well known as the Christmas tree, and has been prized throughout the ages. It was one of Gary Young’s favourite oils, and one that he used in a myriad of applications. When in doubt, use Frankincense…or Idaho Grand Fir.

OK, so we know that these 2 oils (Idaho Grand Fir combined with either Lemon Myrtle or Lemongrass) are marvellous for muscles.

But you might be asking me “What about Aroma Siez?”

After all, Aroma Siez as an oil blend was designed for using on tight muscles, and contains Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint and Cypress.

Gary always taught us that Basil is marvellous for muscles when they are tight and bunched, and Marjoram is wonderful for relaxing the smooth muscles of our body. In fact, Aroma Siez is one of the 9 powerful oils that we use in Raindrop Technique.

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You’ll see that Idaho Grand Fir and Lemon Myrtle (or Lemongrass) don’t appear at all in the Aroma Siez blend….yet both blends work magically to relax tight muscles.

So how would you decide between the two? Here’s my rule of thumb. If I’m going for a purely physical benefit, or I’m wanting to use a lot of oil on my muscles, then Aroma Siez would be my pick.

But Lemon Myrtle and Idaho Grand Fir are both so uplifting to the emotions, that to me they give me an extra “zing” of happiness as I apply them. They both soothe and uplift me. So if I feel in need of an emotional uplift at the same time that I’m soothing tight muscles and ligaments, then I’d go for this combination.

How to Muscle Test yourself

Did you know that you can muscle test yourself, to see which of these combos is going to be the best one for your body? Here’s how you do it:

Stand quietly, with your feet flat on the floor. You can be wearing flat shoes, but make sure you’re not balancing on heels or it will throw your sense of balance out with this exercise.

This next step can be modified according to your particular faith, be that God, Spirit, The Universe, or Love. I like to use the word “Spirit”. So you declare out loud to Spirit “If I rock forwards, that’s a yes answer, and if I rock backwards, that’s a no answer.” This is you letting Spirit/God know how you will read the information you receive.

“Is the Idaho Grand Fir and Lemon Myrtle going to be good for me right now?”.

And then just relax, and see which way you rock. If you rock forwards, then it means that it is. If you rock backwards, it means that it’s not the best combo for you. And if you rock sideways, I always take that to mean “Maybe”…meaning that there might be more to this answer, and I might need to probe a little deeper.

Alternatively, you could declare:

“If I rock forwards, that means I should go with Idaho Grand Fir and Lemon Myrtle, and if I rock backwards, that means I should go with Aroma Siez”.

And in that instance, just see which way you rock, and that tells you which oil/blend you are guided towards right now. This second way of doing the exercise is great when there are just 2 options to choose from, rather than a “yes/no” answer.

This is a wonderful exercise that you can use anytime you have a decision to make in your life…which includes any decision about which Young Living oil or oil-infused products you should use or order for yourself.

I’ve used it many a time with new Young Living members who are trying to decide which kit to buy, much to their delight.

If you relax and release any attachment to the outcome, that’s when you are most easily going to find your body rocking forwards or backwards with the guidance that is right for you.

I hope you’ve really enjoyed the tips in this bulletin, and that they come in very useful for you in many different situations!

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