Essential Oils, Frequency & Fingerprints


I often get asked about the frequency of essential oils. With so many new people joining my bulletin each week, I wanted to revisit this fascinating topic. 

But what is frequency? To me, it’s life force, it’s vibration, it’s a glow that emanates from the inside of us

Think of it like a light bulb being switched on. We can enter two different rooms after dark, and the one with the light on is going to be brighter and more radiant than the other. 

That’s what we want for our body, and our life, because life force isn’t just an intangible “energy thing”. It translates into so many aspects of our life, making us more energised, more focussed, more attractive, and more of a magnet to all things positive. 

People often have to pick their jaw off the ground when they hear my age, because I look 10 years younger than my biological age. Why? Well, I live a healthy lifestyle, and I also use Young Living’s essential oils every single day, in numerous ways. And those essential oils gift me with not only a beautiful aroma, but also a vibrational energy that people feel. 

Essential Oils, Frequencies & Fingerprints

I love that Young Living’s essential oils are a potent and pure plant extract. Each plant has been grown, harvested, distilled and bottled in a way that brings the entire “fingerprint” of the essential oil into our bottle. “What’s a fingerprint?”, you might ask. It’s all of those beautiful natural constituents that make up the essential oil in nature. They exist in perfect balance, exactly as they were created by nature. And Young Living’s commitment is to make sure that this magic that exists in the plant is exactly what we get in our bottle…..without any extras. And by that, I mean that absolutely NO synthetic or harmful chemicals touch our fields, plants or essential oils at any point in the growing and production process. And Young Living does extensive testing to ensure that every batch of oils is pure and unadulterated. 

Essential oils are often described as the “life force” of the plant, because they bring so many benefits to the plant itself. 

Yet essential oils also carry a frequency. Every single one of their individual constituents has a frequency…and when they combine into the essential oil, this creates a symphony. That’s why I often refer to Young Living’s essential oils as “vibrational essential oils”. They are still alive in the bottle, carrying this magic of nature into and onto our body. 

I remember Gary Young once speaking about how essential oils have this harmonic vibration….and it’s this harmony that enters the body. That’s a beautiful way of describing frequency. 

When we are in the presence of music that moves our Soul, we feel uplifted. The exact same thing happens when we use essential oils on our body, in our homes, and when we use essential oils from food plants as flavouring in our food and beverages. It uplifts our frequency, and the frequency of everyone around us, including our children, pets and our home itself!

But it’s so much more than that. Essential oils absorb easily through our skin, because they are comprised of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen…just like the human body. So they assimilate so effortlessly, and bring a whole plethora of benefits to our skin, as well as being a wonderful support to our whole body, helping us to optimise our vitality and health. 
Yet the aroma of essential oils also stimulates the limbic region of the brain, where we store memories and emotions. So as soon as we inhale an essential oil, it’s already triggering thoughts and ideas in our subconscious mind, in a way that will ultimately draw us into a more balanced state. The limbic region of the brain is also the part of our brain responsible for spiritual phenomena…..seeing white light, auras, Angels and guides, as well as our sense of inner guidance (our intuition). So don’t be surprised if you feel a lot more spiritually connected when you start using Young Living’s essential oils. 

Hopefully by now, you are starting to realise the profoundly positive impact that essential oils can have on your life. Make them part of every day. So that’s why Young Living created their amazing range of oil-infused products. They began as an essential oils company with a beautiful range of therapeutic-grade essential oils, and when I started with Young Living in September 1998, we only had essential oils in our range. 

Now, in addition to over 200 different therapeutic-grade essential oils and blends, Young Living also have a wonderful range of potent, oil-infused products – everything from skin care, to makeup, to a women’s and men’s range, to babies and children, to animals, to nutritionals, to cleaning products and more. 

All of their products are cruelty-free and also free of all known harmful ingredients. And best of all, all of the products contain or partner beautifully with Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

So as you fall in love with these oil-infused products, this is a great way to get the benefits of these vibrational essential oils into your life on a daily basis, so you can transform not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually and vibrationally. 

Young Living’s oil-infused range – check it out!

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